Richard Armitage imdb board is gone — where to next?

As announced a few weeks ago, imdB has removed all of its discussion board pages. Where to go now for general discussions about Richard Armitage?


There are still three opportunities for moderated discussions of Richard Armitage — all of them require a free registration with proboards and all have been around for more than a decade.

C19 — it pre-existed the Armitage fandom, and was one of the places fans were invited to congregate after the end of the BBC discussion board. It has a huge number of Richard Armitage discussion topics, plus discussions in many other areas.

Armitage Army — this is the discussion board associated with the (now defunct) original Armitage Army website. While the website was removed in 2010, this board persists on. Also one of the original “fans of the first hour” discussion sites.

Armitage Army at Richard Armitage Central — a spinoff of Armitage Army that preceded the website now at Richard Armitage Central. Lots of fan art and contests here.

The “refugees” from imdB have also started a new Google Group: here. I’m not sure what they are planning in terms of moderation, but for those who enjoyed the atmosphere of imdb, assuming the migration is successful, this is probably the place that will have the most similar vibe.

~ by Servetus on February 20, 2017.

2 Responses to “Richard Armitage imdb board is gone — where to next?”

  1. There are already quite a few imdb-immigrants on C19 who are merrily meeting old acquaintances.


    • TBH I didn’t entirely understand why, when the troll invasion began in 2014, that they didn’t go to the moderated forums first anyway. (I say entirely b/c I can see a rationale for wanting one’s own venue for one’s own group.)


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