Ho Narro, Alaaf, Helau

A friend sent me this picture of Konstanz last night.

A friend sent me this picture of Konstanz last night.

Best wishes to all friends who are celebrating the varieties of Carnival this year — which began in Germany last night (Karneval, Fasching, Fastnacht, Fasnacht). I’d really like to be there this year — in years of significant political ferment the parades are always really interesting. And, well, the spirit of good feeling on the street is always wonderful, if one can tolerate the press of the crowds. I’ve been to events in Mainz and Cologne, but never to a Swabian-Alemannic community. (And yes: I’m aware that the Swabians consider Fasnacht to be something different from Karneval — but for someone like me they are both related to Shrovetide.) Anyway. Perhaps someday.

~ by Servetus on February 23, 2017.

13 Responses to “Ho Narro, Alaaf, Helau”

  1. Helau from a self-confessed carnival non-celebrator… I just read that quite a number of “Altweiberfaschingumzüge” (how’s that for a nice long word) had to be cancelled due to the heavy storms over Germany at the moment… And no, I don’t mean political storms 😉


  2. Narri Narro, this morning I was in Germany with an all female group to be present at the “Rathausstürmung” , now we are ready to go to make party at a Weiberfasnet in a pub, of course in costumes. And yes, we have stormy weather with a lot of rain


  3. Allee Hopp! (as we say in my town – in the Saarland, it can differ from village to village ;-))


  4. Yes, it´s very different. I grow up in Freiburg and I love the Fasnacht with all the different costumes: traditional and diversified ❤ much better than the gelb, grün,blau, rosa schwarz gestreiften Funkenmariechen…


  5. There’s been an article in a south-west German newspaper describing that this year, Trump hairpieces have become a big hit with men dressing up for Fastnacht. To quote a salesperson: “The uglier, the better.” I’m sure that’s not the international effect Trump aimed for as president of the US…


    • I think he must know his hair is strange. And it’s not that unusual that the US president becomes a figure for masks, spoofs, etc., worldwide. I’ve actually read a number of articles about it, so it seems to be a more widespread matter of concern.


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