Third Berlin Station interview w/Richard Armitage

Thanks to zRYSIOwana ja. You will have to click through to Vimeo to see it.

Interview: Richard Armitage from Sidewalks Entertainment on Vimeo.

~ by Servetus on February 26, 2017.

11 Responses to “Third Berlin Station interview w/Richard Armitage”

  1. i’m not sure what to think of that interviewer? Seemed very inexperienced


    • I think out of the three interviews so far, this is the best one, but this is some kind of “new media” outlet while the other two were regular local television broadcasters.


  2. I felt almost embarrassed for her, as she seemed such a “fangirl”. But she did get some good answers from him.
    This was visually very appealing too. He’s put a bit of weight back and the beard and hair are an attractive length.


  3. I really enjoyed her enthusiasm and she had enough background knowledge that she could ask good questions. I also enjoyed it that – in contrast to one of the other interviews – Richard Armitage was usually visible, as opposed to disappearing in favour of graphics etc. So yes, I also liked this one best. So what that she was obviously really happy and excited. It didn’t stop her from doing a good job.


    • yeah, I think I’d rather have him interviewed by someone who’s happy to see him than by someone for whom it’s just another thing on their to do list at work for that day.

      which raises the question of who the audience / what the purpose of these interviews really is and whether they are all that useful.


    • Her enthusiasm was definitely refreshing, but more I was trying to say that I really felt for her… as a “fangirl” myself, I was feeling for her giggly-ness.


  4. Apart from Lori’s – shall we say fairly limited vocabulary use and overall fan-inspired enthusiasm, which may be a style of the particular programme (IDK) – my impression is Richard responded more favourably to her line of questions than those of the other two BS interviews, and she got the most interesting answers out of Richard as a result. All in all, an informative and newsworthy interview.


  5. Interesting new information. He knows a cast member in the Harry Potter play, before he had only said that he was taking his nephew to the play at Christmas.
    I think you have to know the ‘right people’ to get a role in JK Rowling’s stuff. lol


    • I’m sure that’s true in much of the acting industry. They can’t just audition everyone who’d be interested in any particular role.


  6. 😄 brave girl ! 😉


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