Fake news Oscars PSYCH


Last night (or rather, about 45 minutes ago) I had the first wake up yelling nightmare I’ve had in years. In the dream, I passed on the left in the middle of an intersection and drove straight into oncoming traffic, apparently on purpose, in process flipping the car through the air. It took me about a minute after I woke up to realize it wasn’t real.

I was lying in bed with my heart beating frantically when the radio went off with the news — the Best Picture Oscar went to:

and I since I had gone to bed within seconds after they announced it was LA LA Land, having shut off the TV in disgust, I was expecting them to say LA LA Land, but it was Moonlight!

You may remember I said that Moonlight was an exceptional film and one of the rare pictures I’ve seen in a long time that just made me see and feel as opposed to thinking about it. I also said it couldn’t win.

I’m delighted I was wrong about that!

So now I’m reading about what happened. FFS.

I’m good and awake now!

~ by Servetus on February 27, 2017.

7 Responses to “Fake news Oscars PSYCH”

  1. I know a few who sat up all night for the Oscars. Remember there’s a 9 hour time difference. There’s commotion on my FB feed. Some scandal; how did that happen?


    • It looks like they gave them wrong envelope. (There are two complete copies of the envelopes in case one of them is compromised for any reason and the accountants also have memorized the names of all of the winners for security purposes). Beatty and Dunaway were clearly confused — I saw that much of it and thought they were mugging for the camera.


  2. I don’t mean it’s a scandal that La La Land didn’t win – you know what I mean 😉


  3. Moonlight is only being released here tomorrow. It’s on my list of films I want to see 👍🏻


    • I hope you enjoy it. It’s not a movie that requires a big screen, I think, but I did enjoy that aspect of it. Apart from everything else it’s oddly beautiful (given that the pictures are mostly of rundown, poor, druggy parts of Florida).


  4. I watched it live and it was absolutely horrible 😦


    • Moonlight really got robbed of those decisive moments. That was upsetting for a number of reasons.

      However, it did reopen last weekend and made another $2.5M — so that at least was good.

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