Fifth Richard Armitage Berlin Station 2 interview

Via @mooseturds. Thanks! Back on stage next year???

~ by Servetus on February 27, 2017.

9 Responses to “Fifth Richard Armitage Berlin Station 2 interview”

  1. Teasing a stage appearance! I wonder what “next year” means in this case.


    • I’m thinking this is still Farber’s Oedipus to Antigone — it was supposed to be the second show in the season — which would have put it toward the end of 2017 at the earliest. Actually 2018 would suit me better anyway. Flying to the UK in December / Xmas season could have gotten pricey.

      Or like many people he still hasn’t noticed it’s 2017 yet, lol 🙂


      • I agree, the Farber play seems most likely. I’m super intrigued to see how she combines three plays into one with some reasonable performance time, as well as what spin she takes on it.


        • It will probably be something that annoys me at least a little on an intellectual level (if The Crucible is any indication), but if she gets that kind of performances out of the cast again, I don’t care.


  2. Uh, nice – If what he refers to is the London stage, I’ll be there.


  3. Unless it’s another project with Roundabout in New York. But on stage in New York or London again would be terrific. I love seeing an actor actually make time for this. A lot of agents discourage this.


    • I tend to believe his claims that classical theater was the venue he trained for and was most interested in, and I imagine that he might be able to afford to do a play as long he stays with Berlin Station. Hypothesis based on his previous career — the issue with doing stage isn’t desire but potentially scheduling or remuneration. As we’ve noted repeatedly, the likely Roundabout salary may not have even covered the HOA on his condo in NYC.


    • Beaucoup d’acteurs anglais, de part leur formation classique, sont polyvalents, poly-compétents. Ils peuvent participer alternativement à des oeuvres au théâtre, au grand écran, au petit écran ou lire des textes d’audio-livres… C’est une grande chance pour eux et pour le public, de les découvrir dans plusieurs registres. Ils peuvent varier l’origine de leurs rémunérations et diminuer les risques de non emploi…Par contre il faut surtout pouvoir entrer et sortir diplômé, de ce moule de formation élitiste.


      • it’s a trade off — you have so many US actors who have little or no training, but “anyone can do it.” I think that’s why we hire so many UK actors — because they actually are trained.


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