Did you get your paczki? Happy Shrove Tuesday


It’s a Catholic thing, but I went and got one this morning, even. (My family was bigger on Ash Wednesday, which is tomorrow.)

~ by Servetus on February 28, 2017.

28 Responses to “Did you get your paczki? Happy Shrove Tuesday”

  1. Is that like a doughnut?

  2. No, I got pancakes for Pancake Day. Is that close enough? 🙂 Happy Shrove Tuesday.

  3. I don’t know what those are, but they look gluteny and delicious.

    • yeah, I’m pretty sure they have gluten in them, although I’ve never asked specifically. I can confirm the delicious part.

  4. Pączek definitely improves the mood and eases farewell to the carnival, but two pączki do it even better. 😉 Oh, yes, today I ate two pączki. :-)))
    Happy Shrove Tuesday!

    • Two??? Happy Shrove Tuesday and Blessed Lent.

      • Yes, today I ate two pączki with rose marmalade. Yummy. 🙂 I know I shouldn’t be proud of it, because they have a lot of calories but whatever. 😉

        • they didn’t have rose jelly ones around here (or maybe the bakery I went to was sold out before I got there), but my cousin had a rose one and she said it was excellent. Thank you Poland!!

          Calories: Ah well. Now for 7 weeks without 🙂

  5. LOL, I had to laugh about your “my family was bigger on Ash Wednesday”. Trust the proddies to focus on the penance and the hardship. (No offense meant to anyone – Serv knows that I come from the same brand of Christianity than she did, hence my joking.)
    I’ve fully assimilated to the surrounding Catholic majority (despite an in-law family firmly grounded in Protestantism, and had a pancake Tuesday morning to evening. Sweet pancakes for brekkie, savoury pancakes for dinner. All eggs used up. Damn, I forgot to blow them out and save them for decorations. But they tasted good – and now Lent may start…
    Happy paczki day to you, too!

    • LOL, yes, as is well known, my father objected to some Lenten hymns that he felt were “too cheerful”.

      Good luck with your fasting. I haven’t decided if I am going to fast yet, but if I did, it should be from the news, I think.

      • Lenten hymns and cheerful??? There’s an oxymoron if ever there was one…
        I’m actually looking forward to the fasting. Have made sure to binge on everything that I am giving up (from Twitter to chocolate, crisps and Diet Coke, to avoiding physical exercise), so can’t wait to start the challenge. Abstaining from the news is a fabulous sacrifice – one that would definitely benefit your brain and your creativity. More space, more time. But that temptation will be hard to resist!

        • In general, he feels that all Lenten hymns should be in minor keys. There are a few (the one I’m thinking of the moment, “Go to Dark Gethsemane,” is not, and it was the pastor’s favorite Lenten him when I was little, so there was annual grousing about it).

          Yeah, I think it would irresponsible to quit the news at the moment. Luckily as a Jew I will have other opportunities to fast later in the year.

          • I can see your dad’s point. But then again, I think one needs any cheer one can get, during Lent…
            Pick and choose your fasting opportunities wisely. There seems to be a tiny lull at the moment, anyway…

  6. Never heard of those before. I make pancakes. Thin ones (although they’re not crepes) that I sprinkle with lemon juice and sugar, roll up and then eat in total bliss. That’s all I have for dinner on Shrove Tuesday. Every year. I missed a year somewhere when I hadn’t worked out how to make gluten free ones that taste just like normal ones but now there’s no holding me back! 😉
    Interestingly a lot of C of E churches over here have started going out into the community on Shrove Tuesday and giving away pancakes, having pancake races and such like. Even the Bishop of Leicester was seen running about outside the cathedral today in his cassock, wielding a frying pan!

    • perhaps it would be most accurately described as a “Polish Catholic thing.” My cousins grew up in a town where descendants of Polish Catholics were in the majority and they owned a few bakeries around the area, that was my encounter with them.

      I think pancakes would definitely be a great marketing tool. And gives the bishop’s garments a bit of an airing!

    • and the lemon sounds great!

  7. I love the ones with plum jam inside! They are deadly, but so tasty!

  8. My student works in his family’s Italian bakery. They make paczki with the usual fillings, but they also make paczki filled with cannoli cream. They are amazing!!

  9. Well I am part polish and never heard of paczki till this year, a store is selling them for the first time. I didn’t buy any. We are a pancake family, fluffy American blueberry pancakes for breakfast which I made at 5:00 am ate mine before work and left everyone’s in the oven on warm till they got up. For supper it was thin Chicken and Ham Pancakes in a cream sauce, the recipe from England.

  10. As Orthodox we don’t have any binge before lent traditions sadly. But my gran used to make amazing homemade doughnuts which i wish i could make. At least i inherited the family ‘crepes-gene’ and can certainly make those 🙂 Missed my window though sadly as was too knackered last night. Let is a much starker affair back home if you do it by the book, there are only 2-3 dates where fish i allowed as an exception and the rest is essential what people would understand as full vegan. And it would include full fasting every Friday until sunset (ie no food or water). I struggle these days with no milk due to acidity problems. Somehow i feel this year more than the last few that i need to do something as too much has been going on and we’re sort of coming out of it mostly ok-ish. My brain says i should give up chocolate as it is the only thing i’m really stuck on but realistically don’t think i can give it up for 6-8 weeks. Not with a shelf full of Mon Cherie and other chocolates i have been gifted with at Xmas in my fridge.
    Hm maybe i will try to be vegan 2 days a week during lent. Considering milk, yogurt and cheese are probably my main food group next to veg and that i can’t drink tea without milk and tea is a big thing in my day it should be challenge enough…

    • Did you see this?

      I think if I would choose a fast, it would be something simplifying (as opposed to complicating my life with abstemious food choices) but that’s me. Blessed Lent in any case!

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