#9? More Richard Armitage on Berlin Station 2


~ by Servetus on March 2, 2017.

17 Responses to “#9? More Richard Armitage on Berlin Station 2”

  1. Sweet! BTW – Los Angeles, California??? Filming the bike film?

    • That’s where they did all these interviews from — that would be one explanation.

      I’ve been wondering why — AGAIN — he seems to be doing the entire publicity thing by himself.

    • He’s filming Oceans 8. That’s why LA.

      • But all of the pictures from Oceans 8 so far have been NYC. Did they change locations?

        • Exteriors on location in NYC. Interiors on sound stages in LA would be my guess. Particularly if they have to build a large set for the major heist scenes. RA did say in one of these interviews he was currently working on Oceans 8.

  2. boy he is hard working 🙂 wonder how many of these he did?

  3. Maybe….. just a stopover in LA (to show his face!!) for contractual talks, preparation talks, promo talks/publicity work (as seen!), and additional interviews for upcoming broader international releases or a DVD of the serie Berlin Station ?
    Gary Ross stated on his twitter account already 2 weeks ago: “Just wrapped in NY!” Does this apply only to the stuff that is filmed outdoors?
    I’m pretty sure he’s already in England now for preperations and rehearsing (!) of “My Zoe”.

  4. OK, someone else found proof it was filming in LA three days ago.

  5. Juie Delpy habiterait – elle toujours à Los Angeles? Coïncidence?

  6. Wanted to chime in that I just saw Cate Blanchett on Stephen Colbert, and I thought she said they were done filming Oceans 8.

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