ICYMI: Berlin Station style guide

Here. Much more comprehensive views of Daniel Miller’s apartment, too.

~ by Servetus on March 6, 2017.

23 Responses to “ICYMI: Berlin Station style guide”

  1. Der Aschenbecher ist der Knaller! Und ich bin nichtmal Raucher…..

  2. Nice! Definetly adding a bit more to the characters. I like this minimalistic design but I guess I would feel most comfortable with Roberts Apartment.
    Hopefully we’ll see more – I really liked this photo of Daniel and Patriucia at a kitchentable (her appartment I suppose) and would love to see more about that.

    • It reminded me of many apartments I’ve rented in Germany — almost nothing in it. Perfect apartment for the temporary expat; it seems like he hasn’t intended to stay.

      The interiors in this show really say a lot — that is typical of the Babelsberg approach.

      • Daniel? Yes. I had this feeling when He was introduced to the staff and when.. Valerie? or was ist Steven checked his CV it was like “And why are you now back in the Field?” – so I thought that Daniel seemed more like he was always send somewhere to do a “misson” and then heads back to Washington I’ll guess.

  3. Those must be the worst office cubicles ever – they look like prison bars. Very depressing office environment.

    • yeah, the real US embassy was built just a few years ago. Unfortunately not the classic building with big windows and high ceilings.

  4. I’ve been re-watching BS, around 2 or 3 episodes a night for the last couple nights. It makes way more sense the second time around and I am actually really enjoying it and can now happily say I am looking forward to season two.

  5. So, this is actual German living-room style? Not sure I approve, but it’s got Richard Armitage in it, so I’ll live with it 😉 I mean, the ashtray…que horror!

    • I’ve never seen an ashtray like that in a German home.

      • I remember them from my childhood, but not in private homes. I believe vintage is in. So, I’m out 😉

        • my impression is that mid-century modern is in everywhere at the moment. (sure is in the US). Ex-SO and I used to really like this mid-century porcelain style by Rosenthal (Romanze was the form) and you used to be able to get old copies of it easily. Then Rosenthal discontinued the form and now apparently prices for used / antique pieces have risen drastically. He actually asked me recently if I was still using my pieces and if not, could he have them. LOL.

          • Just looked it up – very pretty. Is ex-SO getting the pieces?
            BTW when you write mid-century, does it include the 70s? Because I remember those ashtrays from the 70s (mainly in black or metallic, not orange).

            • oh, okay. I would have guessed earlier. No, I think mid-century is the twenty years after WWII ended (or so). Right now, the vast majority of my household stuff is in storage, so he won’t get it immediately. I haven’t used it in years, so he might. IIrc I have both white and blue / white pieces and I might send him the white and keep the blue / white. I think those teacups are just a marvel of design; he supposedly only has two left and is getting worried. I can see why he feels that way.

              • LOL I’m not that old 🙂
                If I’ve found the correct pictures, your pieces have the cutest handles. I can see why you like style.

                • This is the teacup. It’s really the ideal shape for serving tea — optimal for letting the brew cool at the right temperature. I also like the tea and coffee pots and the soup and salad bowls.

                  • Really is pretty and delicate, and I’m sure the handle with that ‘swung’ snugly fits the index finger.

                    • yeah, it’s easy to hold onto as well, even for a man with broad hands, without feeling uncomfortable or unsure. Just a really nice piece of design.

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