Richard Armitage, curious

quizzical: having a look of mild amusement, confusion, or inquiry. Richard Armitage, selfie tweeted from Pilgrimage, spring 2015. I’ve never been clear about what’s going on in this picture, but my favorite possibility is: “why isn’t my phone taking a picture yet?”

~ by Servetus on March 6, 2017.

6 Responses to “Richard Armitage, curious”

  1. Das Selfie gehört in den Giftschrank. Der Gesichtsausdruck ist echt belämmert. Tschuldigung!


    • Na ja, immerhin steht er zu dieser Scheußlichkeit und hat das Selfie nicht entfernt! Which begs the quizzical question: Does possibly even Richie has his ‘bad hair days’???
      BTW Nice background!!☺


  2. Quizzically concentrating.


  3. I’ve always liked this photo.


    • Unlike our German friends above 😉 I think he’s been running, comes across this beautiful spot, and wants a picture, but he’s out of breath. We all know any picture taken with a smartphone while out of breath has to be held really steady.


      • You are perfectly right!!! He was very much enamoured and impressed with the Irish landscape and couldn’t concentrate on other things… 😉 That man we love!!! 😀


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