Richard Armitage, diabolical

mephistophelean: showing the wickedness typical of a devil. From Mephistopheles, the demon of the Faust legend. Photo by Sarah Dunn, behind the scenes at Sleepwalker, Fall 2014.

~ by Servetus on March 6, 2017.

19 Responses to “Richard Armitage, diabolical”

  1. Perfect! 😄


  2. Looks a bit like the cat that ate the canary!
    Devilicious! 😈

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  3. I always love those pictures when Mr. Richard Armitage is giving that evil/devilish look/smile. he looks like he is up to something or did something very naughty.


  4. I solemnly swear I am up to no good.


  5. I still wonder what’s in his other hand? the left-over stick of a lollipop?
    Caught red-handed, hence the mephistophelean look? (the auto-correct doesn’t like the term:-))


    • it’s not a common word — but I actually learned it from my junior high social studies teacher, Mr. Symonds, who said one day, when I was (on a rare occasion) wearing hair ribbons, “You’re looking quite Mephistophelean today, Miss Servetus.” It was in my mom’s big dictionary at home. Never forgot that one!


      • Well, perhaps I should have spelt it with a capital M?
        Wasn’t it an odd thing to say. So, the ribbons didn’t suit you, or…? No “tie a yellow ribbon round the ole oak tree” for you, then?


        • you were right. Although I still think Armitage is basically a rule follower. He wouldn’t use the Marauder’s Map without a lot of teeth gnashing, I suspect.


          • I think he meant it as a compliment. I have always been anti-schnick-schnack, since I was a little girl. But there were this barrettes that girls made in the US in the 80s and I succumbed briefly (by which I mean, probably for two days). They looked almost exactly like this picture. You made them yourself and then the ends of the ribbons were supposed to be cut to hang out about the length of your hair.


            • How nice – I’ve never seen this before.


              • maybe it was just a US thing? Red and White were the school colors and it’s really the only time that I’ve ever had severe clothing jealousy — the cheerleaders had particular shoes and sweaters they always wore, and then they wore these barrettes in their hair. The barrettes were as close as i got. But I agree, they are kind of cute.


                • Pretty. It must be a US thing – and although I spent some time at an American school in the early 80s, I never saw this. My school colours were white and navy blue, still are 🙂


          • 🙂 He does like Harry Potter too, apparently. Perhaps it’s even better with a lollipop LOL 🙂


  6. I always liked him with a devilish look.. His facial shape lends itself so well to it. One must not forget Mr. Mephistopholese in Cats though I don’t believe he played it. Actually I would love to see him do the role in Faust. I always enjoyed it.


  7. His expression in this picture spoke to me that exact word too! I even tweeted Sarah Dunn about it!


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