For North & South lovers #richardarmitage

Here’s a BBC Radio 4 program on North & South (the Gaskell version). I have not listened to it yet but I have assurances from the person who shared it with me that it’s excellent. I can stream it in the U.S., so I’m hopeful others can as well.

~ by Servetus on March 9, 2017.

7 Responses to “For North & South lovers #richardarmitage”

  1. I just listened to it and I found it very enjoyable, Elizabeth Gaskell was a very interesting woman, I had no idea of her background.


  2. I’m an avid Radio 4 listener and usually download In Our Time. It’s always fascinating but it makes a change to listen to a program about a familiar subject.

    Well worth a listen.


  3. I did download it.


  4. Thank you, 🙂 ! This article supplements my knowledge of E Gaskell and her place in English literature of the 19th century.
    For a short while, I have been taking English lessons. Also I will share with the students, the idea to listen or download Radio 4’s programs.( Recently they studied a bit of Charles Dickens’ novel: Little Dorrit. So why not…?)
    I think everyone can find on BBC, a topic that interests him or her. Although on Youtube, it is quite easy to find a lot of report, on any topic, accessible to non-native English-speaker. But soon, I should have to learn something about download, not to only depend on my son, anymore.


  5. Hope it would improve my English language, before Le Mans’ 24 hours. But till yet, I met potential new friends. But I am not brave enough, to tell them the real unavowable reason of me taking English lessons. May be later?
    Recently, I spoke about “The Impressionists” only to an old acquaintance; a painter, who wants to be a closer relative with us, as previously. She is a HUMAN BEING, who can be proud of herself (with hardship through life). She displayed several paintings in NY last year and in others countries.


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