EPIX wheeling dealing #berlinstation #richardarmitage

About six weeks ago, I mentioned the news that Lionsgate wanted to sell its share of EPIX. Tonight comes the news that MGM is in talks to buy out all of EPIX, thus purchasing Viacom’s share as well. EPIX’s valuation for the purchase would lie between $1 and $2 billion USD.

~ by Servetus on March 10, 2017.

6 Responses to “EPIX wheeling dealing #berlinstation #richardarmitage”

  1. Is this a good thing? All the big guys buying out the smaller companies I thought Epix wanted to do original work.


    • Well, EPIX was always a collaboration of the three media giants. So this is one of them buying out the other two. There is a separate MGM TV division and I suppose EPIX would then become the official network of MGM TV.

      Interestingly, Roma Downey (Leland Orser’s ex-wife) is married to Mark Burnett, the head of MGM TV. He’s a reality TV “genius.”


  2. Hm… guess it means they did see them as competition but with limit creative options going forward i think. But such is the industry.


  3. […] Covers changes since MGM bought out its partners. Mark Greenberg, who you may remember was the big champion of Berlin Station and scripted series in […]


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