Have I seen these before? #richardarmitage


~ by Servetus on March 10, 2017.

30 Responses to “Have I seen these before? #richardarmitage”

  1. New to me! Love them. Any idea who the ladies are?

  2. Isn’t it Michelle Forbes and Tamlyn Tomita?

  3. Woof!

  4. Yes, for sure those are the women from BS. He look awesome!

  5. There are dogs, books, & Armitage. Achievement unlocked.

    • Absolutely! What more could we ask for?

      And I quite like the (Ercol?) chair in the bay window too.

      • Apparently these were originally on Forbes’ instagram (I don’t follow it so I didn’t notice, lol). Berlin brunch. So this was probably her sublet apartment in Berlin, I’m guessing.

        Weekend brunch in Berlin is this big social event for big sections of the artsy classes and students — it’s usually a buffet with a combination of continental breakfast items and some warm items, and people sit for hours and hours nibbling and talking and drinking. I’m glad he had that experience; it’s one of my own favorite things that I associate with the city.

    • LOL

  6. They really look like great friends. I’m wondering if this is from when he was in LA doing the TV interviews. I think Forbes lives there.

  7. Lovely pics! MF is wearing warm clothes, so I don’t think it is in LA. Otherwise RA hasn’t got socks.

  8. I think that these pictures are some recent ones, RA has the same look as in recent interviews about BS, and I don’t think MB took her dogs to Berlin, as well, it is a fairly complex procedure to bring pets from USA to here in the EU, as far as I know.

    • Not hard to bring a dog or a cat to the EU at all. A microchip, a rabies vax, and a vet exam. You get a “pet passport” and that’s it. All other requirements have been eliminated.

  9. Forbes is dressed for Berlin autumn, Armitage is dressed for …? Bare feet in trainers…not in autumn, unless you’re staying inside.
    Is it his apartment, and the two ladies are visiting?
    I just think the interior decorating is so much no frills, and the anatomic picture behind the couch gives off a hint of a man’s place.
    Lovely pictures of friends having fun with furry friends.

    • All of their Berlin apartments would have been sublets, so I doubt this particular interior belongs to any of the three. Armitage wore no socks all this fall in NYC after work. May be a standard for him. I think this is probably Berlin spring — MF had this hat on in one of the other candids she published this spring.

  10. I guess the original post was a #tbt. I don’t think this is LA.

  11. LA, at least until last week was cool with periods of rain. We’ve just now begun to warm up on the west coast. So Forbes would dress warmly. Plus her hair is a bit shorter in those photos. I think these are recent.

  12. it is so nice to see Mr. Richard Armitage smiling and having a good time. he looks very well-rested and healthy in this photo.

  13. if I hadn’t been in love with Richard before seeing these pictures I would have fallen now. Anyone who loves furchildren captures my heart- because to me it shows what a heart they have!

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