Richard Armitage RTs in support of US arts

The current administration’s budget proposal would zero out the National Endowment for the Arts, the federal agency responsible for arts grants and education in the U.S. The agency would be eliminated. Earlier today, Roundabout Theater Company announced a postcard campaign to Congress and Armitage seems to be supporting it. (One of Roundabout’s 16-17 season plays, Napoli, Brooklyn, is supported by a $20,000 NEA grant.)



~ by Servetus on March 16, 2017.

8 Responses to “Richard Armitage RTs in support of US arts”

  1. The cuts are horrifying – funding for PBS and NPR, the EPA, school lunch programs and Meals on Wheels (Budget director says this program is not getting results???). The cuts to the arts and public broadcasting seem like a do-over of the days of Conservative rule in Canada. My stomach drops all over again.


    • Public broadcasting will survive without US budget support — it’s what it says, the message it sends, that troubles me. It takes years to build up important things, and not that long to destroy them, and then we’ll have to start all over.


  2. I am shocked and sadden with the budget that came out today,to many good programs to be defunded. I never talk politics, but something has to be said.


    • The budget never gets approved in the form that it’s submitted (and let’s be honest, apart from the most recent funding bill late in 2016 there hasn’t been an approved budget in something like six years) but it is troubling, the things that government officials are saying. Stuff like school lunch and meals on wheels is important and has big effects. Meanwhile we should waste money on a border wall. It’s really incomprehensible — a symbolic gesture that will accomplish little and say something terrible about us as a country.


      • School breakfast and lunch program helps so many people and can mean that a child eats for the day or not. I have seen it to many times to even try to count. Meals on wheels is another program that I have seen help. After my mom died someone from social services got my dad on the list since he didn’t drive. Someone took him meals three days a week and made sure he had for the weekend too. They not only get meals to shut in but make sure they are ok too. The senior center in our county is also looking at a program along with our local hospital to have Meals on Wheels go out to older people who have been just released from the hospital with a meal and to make sure they are doing ok, since they are being pushed out to soon by insurance/ medicare. I hope that they get this program in place and it can be a modal for others. Our senior center has even gone to raising money to help with the cost of Meals on Wheels. The senior center has had a special place with me since I was a young girl, my grandma was the first director and sometimes I would go with her to work. I am sure if they look hard they can find money being wasted on things that don’t really matter and leave the programs that help people alone. I work with a couple people who are clueless and since there are only three of us it makes it hard at times, I just keep my mouth shut. I hope you are right about not getting this one pasted either, but am not not sure they will not try to steam roll it in.


        • I remember when my college roommate started doing her year of student teaching and she said some kids primarily came to school because of breakfast and lunch and that they were sad when school ended for this reason as well. It really does matter. As does Meals on Wheels — which saves us a lot in nursing home costs. Honestly, there’s so much food in this country that people really don’t need to go hungry. It’s not like there’s a shortage.

          I think that the legislation about the budget that they made back in 2011 (the “sequester”) will mean that there will have to be substantial changes to this proposal before it could be approved. I don’t know how closely you follow this or how interested you are, but here’s a description of the technical details:

          I think what will ultimately happen is that some of the proposed deletions will certainly go through — and so the agencies that perform the services will have to rearrange their budgets. I think the federal government provides roughly 10% of the budget for MOW through the community block grant, which means it’s conceivable that the program could rearrange somehow to refund itself. The matter of student lunch programs is different, though. That really has me worried, mostly because the GOP really seems convinced that it’s somehow bad to feed hungry schoolchildren. Paul Ryan has said this. Free school lunch gives kids “empty souls.”


  3. Nothing is safe with this administration. Nothing!


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