Poor Richard Armitage and poor viewers

Here. #11? I’m starting to think he was sick.

~ by Servetus on March 17, 2017.

26 Responses to “Poor Richard Armitage and poor viewers”

  1. you can hear and see that Mr. Richard Armitage wasn’t feeling well. you also can see the disappointment/ little anger in his face when the lady host screwed up his last name

  2. I thought he sounded like he had a scratchy throat in some of the others.

  3. It would be really interesting to know at which point in the sequence of interviews that day this one was conducted. He looks/sounds exhausted – having answered the same 5 questions over and over, and running out of ways of wording the same answers, more umming and ahhhing. As much as we might think it is easy to sit and answer questions, it must be hard to concentrate, remain polite and professional, and all that without proper eyecontact (?) and with an annoying delay on the line. Honestly, I wouldn’t want to do the job. Especially when you know that it is an advertising exercise that is motivated by a big internet company releasing the show on their platform…
    On a different note: Is it just me or is his English accent becoming more pronounced in these short interviews? The glottal stop has become really strong, and his enunciation sometimes sounds slightly eroded (“poin’ ” instead of “poinT”). Or is that an attempt at sounding American?

    • Perhaps I’ve missed it but I don’t think anyone in any of these conversations has said they think doing this is easy. Something I don’t understand, though, is why he seems to be the only person doing it this round. You’d think that they’d give him a sidekick.

      I think both could be happening. One tends to revert to one’s “natural” speech when tired, but living here usually rubs off on people’s accents. (Actually, I’ve even noticed this with myself while living in different parts of the US.)

    • The other thing is we’ve seen this repetitive interview cycle with many satellite (as opposed to F2F) interviews before (August 2014, Into the Storm). He had significantly more on his plate at the time, and he managed to remain relatively good-humored through all of that. But he did usually not have to appear alone.

      • Oh, I don’t remember the satellite interviews from ITS (I must have been on holiday…). In any case, the interviews are by no means bad. And besides the die-hard fans, no one else is going to watch all eleven of them and scrutinise his performance as we do… So well done to the man.

        • They’re not bad, but they’re not good, either. Low energy, disjointed, rambling answers. If you weren’t inclined to be interested already, would these interviews get you in the mood? Doubtful. I suspect fans are the only people really watching.

          • Probably. But in a way, that is important, too, just for drumming up interest for season 2 (although that was only secondary in the interviews…)

          • Maybe there is a tinge of disappointment in the back of his mind that the interviewers still have to explain “He’s the guy who played Thorin…The Hobbit, you know.”? I guess he was/is slightly better known in the UK. It could be part of a kind of career frustration he might feel after the Hobbit. That is not to say he didn’t do okay in the US, but it may not be the kind of success he hoped for. I also think he has a bit of a cold coming from the sounds of it, he swallows quite a lot while speaking which is something you’d do when having a sore throat, no?
            (Too bad they haven’t released it on iTunes or Amazon Europe.)

            With regard to answering the same questions every time with little variation – I think that is always the case when doing the promo circuit – something he is used but still doesn’t like (?). It would be pretty annoying/draining/tedious after the x-th time and your interviewer is either no fun to engage with or gets your name wrong yet again. I would have trouble keeping the cheerful farming facade too 😉
            Lucky me I’m not an actor!

            • *charming facade even (not farming)

            • Not sure, since he said in December that he had achieved what he’d wanted to achieve in the U.S. I think overall his interviews reveal more of a frustration that people don’t realize that he was Thorin — too many prosthetics.

  4. Like mentioned above, I really don’t get it why all the promo work for BS is almost entirely done by RA (besides the TCA presentation 30July2016 in LA and the 1 day when he had different press dates with Michelle Forbes in Oct 2016). It’s not that he was the absolut leading character in series 1! What about Richard Jenkins and Rhys Ifans? OTOH I’m glad we at least catch a little glimpse of him, and yes, for the first time it’s like he seems rather tired, a bit ailing, and therefore having a hard time to maintain leastwise a glimmer of interest for this show, his promo work (and the interviewers!!). To me all this interviews seem so out of context….

    • I’m guessing Jenkins and Ifans are out of it now — probably both written out of season 2, so no longer even contractually obligated? I think Ifans never did anything, though.

      These interviews are just hard to understand, because as I see more and more of them, I understand less and less who is supposed to be attracted by them. Not fans, that’s always been obvious, but I’m trying to figure out how showing this stuff on morning TV programs builds their audience. Maybe it’s a drop by drop strategy, or maybe the idea is just to put it in front of as many people as possible (so this is a variation on what was happening in October — just now on daytime TV instead of nighttime, and on TV as opposed to social media / web stuff). Maybe the idea is to give people more information about something they might have caught out of the corners of their eyes earlier. But compared to the intensity of the fall marketing, and to its stylishness, it just falls flat.

      • I have always hoped RA would go on Colbert (regarding nighttime TV). Colbert is such a Tolkien fan – it would be a great fun interview.

      • Watching from afar RA seems completely disenchanted I ‘be never seen him like this. Not a happy chappy

  5. just to let you all know(some people might already know this), netflix has the berlin station season 1 showing on its channel, but you do have to pay for each episode.

  6. awww poor Richie ..maybe coffie wasn’t that good.
    BTW… Fascinating interviewer 😄 Love him !..and James Gandolfini and Tony Soprano

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