So Richard Armitage’s devices can keep getting smaller

This is starting to get a bit postmodern.

The hypothesis that this process would continue is called Moore’s Law. The limit may be reached about 2025.

~ by Servetus on March 17, 2017.

4 Responses to “So Richard Armitage’s devices can keep getting smaller”

  1. Ha! Now your RA lesson is about Moore’s Law — more STEM! I like it.


    • I’m not sure how deep I’ll get into science, but this is a fact that has intrigued me since I learned it a few years ago. Last night I learned that the limit in reducing the size of a transister may be the size of an atom (!) and also that this progression (the doubling of the transistor density) is apparently why my laptop has a quad core. So yes … fandom is educational 🙂


      • Perhaps you’ve reached the limit of your interest on this topic, but this is in the mainline of what I do. The professor in me wants you to know there are lots of new articles on the end of Moore’s Law and folks are thinking deeply about out-there compute platforms like quantum computing.

        And yes, Moore’s Law and a bunch of other technical motivations related to design cost, energy and software efficiency are why even laptops have multiple compute cores.

        Back to being a fan…


        • my ex The Physicist is now working in quantum computing (he had a PhD in solid state and then worked for AT&T for a long time) so I occasionally read articles about QC that he posts in his FB feed. So I am maybe more interested than the average bear, although probably not as interested as you are 🙂 . I also like knowing how the things I use every day work. I knew the computer has a quad core, and I had a rough idea of what that is, but I hadn’t bothered to read more about that until last night.


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