It must be the vernal equinox

Sabzeh, sprouting greens, one of the seven symbols of the holiday in Iran.

I’m seeing a lot of pictures of Haft Seen in my RL FB. Happy Nowruz to the celebrants of that holiday and happy Spring to the northern hemisphere!

Not that I want to reduce all of US diversity to food, but this Iranian Nowruz soup (ash reshteh) is really good. I’ve only gotten to try it once, unfortunately. It’s noodles and whey and beans and a lot of different seasonings.

Honestly, this is the ugliest moment of the year in Wisconsin — as winter abates but before spring has sprung and the grass is riz. Everything is brown except for the traces of remaining snow, which are grey. We need a few more weeks before we get that feeling around here. Passover and Easter are three weeks away and hopefully there’ll be a little more green to see by then. Or probably it’ll have snowed again. The latest snow I remember in my lifetime came the last week of May, the year my high school bestie got married on that weekend.

~ by Servetus on March 20, 2017.

14 Responses to “It must be the vernal equinox”

  1. Hang in there! We’ve just had rain, rain and more rain in England so it’s VERY green, but pretty depressing all the same…


  2. We’re meant to have snow tomorrow. Our seasons seem to be blending into one.


  3. We have cloudy and windy weather but 16°C. In the middle of our motorway there are lots of forsythia which are now in full bloom. I like to see this yellow ribbon on my daily commutation to work


  4. Spring seems to be sprouting earlier in Philly than on Long Island!!! I am truly beginning to get that “city girl vibe” here!!! As much as I am looking forward to healthier days which allow us to return home, I will miss Philly too!!!


  5. The beginning of “mud season” in the mountains.


  6. I don’t know how your winter was but ours was not horrible. Even got to go out an walk a few days in January this year. Big ski race was cancelled in the end for no snow, with 50’s and 60’s during the week of the race the trail was in ruins. It has been up and down all winter but today had to be close to 50 if not over and a nice day to walk. Tomorrow cooler, in the 30’s and the rest of the week rain and snow. I am sure the warmer weather will be here soon or at least I hope so.


    • We lost the second half of sturgeon spearing because it was too warm — 15 inches of ice disappeared in a week in February. Very weird winter. It’s warmer here, too, but I anticipate at least one more snowstorm.


  7. Amen.


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