Never fear, though, there’s always this #richardarmitage

I was just going to bed as this came on. I’m not going to watch all of it, but (1) his accent bothers me less now than it did at the time and (2) this was his comparatively bulky post-Hobbit body, but I think the wet suit makes him look even bulkier.

posterior: the rear or back part or side of something; colloquially, the buttocks. From Latin, comparative form of posterus, following. Richard Armitage as Gary in Into the Storm. Source: Richard Armitage Central

~ by Servetus on March 21, 2017.

9 Responses to “Never fear, though, there’s always this #richardarmitage”

  1. I know many people disagree, but I like him skinny… that’s still a fine posterior, though…


    • Me too. Looking back I am amazed at how bulky he had become. Much better in Berlin Stafion promos last October.


  2. Yes, love this one. Bulky ❤


  3. My favorite Vice Principal!!!


  4. Like bulky better. Depending on its thickness, a wetsuit is rather slimming. It’s like wearing a full body girdle (from the old days). Or like spanks, only worse. Anyway, his lovely rear would be flattened and compressed by an average wet suit. Maybe he had a custom one that didn’t hide his assets.:)


    • I meant “wet suit,” and not “wetsuit” — is there a spelling difference? In any case, a suit that is wet. Although I think he is wearing some waterproof underwear under there or something.

      I like the bulk, too.


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