Richard Armitage developing chaos

entropy: in science, the measure of the extent of unavailability of heat for transformation into work; or, figuratively, the tendency of organized systems to descend into disorder. From Greek, trope, transformation. Richard Armitage as Claude Monet in The Impressionists. Source:

~ by Servetus on March 21, 2017.

9 Responses to “Richard Armitage developing chaos”

  1. 😀 I just love this series! How does the inspiration strike – photo first, or do you choose a word to illustrate?


    • it varies. Usually I’m thinking about something or other, or I’m in a particular mood, and the word comes first and then I look for a photo. Entropy is a HUGE problem for me.


    Le point de rosée, la naissance du brouillard, de la buée sur une vitre,…quand la poésie rejoint la science. 🙂


    • nicely put — once I learned what entropy was, it seemed to me that thermodynamics explained something fundamental about how the universe works, and not just scientifically. It’s everywhere, once one looks for it.


  3. “tendency of organized systems to descend into disorder” – much like my house, then…


    • yeah, if you think about it, in a completely efficient system, all energy available would also be available to do work. But in reality, that doesn’t happen; there are always “leaks.” Over time, the leaks become greater and greater. In a perfectly efficient household, all the stuff would go back into its place once used, but that never happens — due to entropy. All of the stuff could go back where it belongs, but some of it doesn’t because we’re too tired or lazy or forget where it goes or whatever. It’s a really useful term, I find 🙂

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