We’re thinking of you in London


~ by Servetus on March 22, 2017.

16 Responses to “We’re thinking of you in London”

  1. This was bad. Was heading to a meeting near Parliament Sq, when I saw masses of people walking towards me, police, helicopters, the lot. Then the company and my family/friends started texting asking if I was safe…

    My thoughts are with the victims. Hope the police officer will be alright.


  2. can someone please tell me what is going on in London. Thanks.


    • Do you get BBC?
      There was a serious incident. Someone took a car drop into people on Westminster Bridge twice, than tried to get into the Houses of Parliament, stabbed an officer but was shot dead before entering the building. Parliament Sq and the larger area were/ are in lockdown. Police are treating this as a terror investigation until they know more. There have been a number of injuries and casualties.


  3. thanks, vanguard. I do get the BBC channel,but like the other channels that i get, when the news comes on i change the channel.


  4. It’s being treated as a terrorist attack. My thoughts are with the victims.


  5. i am glad that you are safe, vanguard and hope the other people are safe too.


  6. Our security forces have been warning for some time that an attack was likely. I am so sorry for the people who have been hurt and the families of those killed, the press were saying some were French students.


    • It’s definitely a place where almost every tourist has been or been near. Even dad recognized it when he saw the pictures on TV.


  7. Utterly shocked. Probably because this has happened at a place where I have been, too, so often, as a tourist. Lost for words. But determined not to be afraid.


    • Yeah — if you’ve been in London you’ve probably been there or around there. 1,000 tourists were trapped in Westminster Abbey while it was going on, I read. Hugely recognizable target.

      Then again: the Houses of Parliament read to me like THE symbol of stability (even if that is deceptive).


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