We thank you

Although it’s not enough: thanks to everyone who stands physically between us and harm, or runs toward, instead of away from, danger.

~ by Servetus on March 23, 2017.

18 Responses to “We thank you”

  1. Thank you, well said. X

  2. Read that his brother was killed in the Bali blast. Feeling surreal seeing the images from London today. I walked across that bridge last fall. Saw a pic of a woman comforting another woman on the ground at the same spot I stopped to buy some souvenirs.

  3. Unarmed he faced down evil. A true hero.

  4. 😦

  5. Yes indeed. RIP.

  6. I can’t begin to say how generally grateful i am to police (of all kinds) and ambulance services in London. They have helped me or close friends out more than once and protected and guided me out of dangerous situations/demos and such more than once. We all are here and can continue living our lives as close to normal as possible due to them and their selfless dedication. Profoundly sad for the loss of lives…

  7. A police officer near here was murdered yesterday by a man who was trying to kill his wife. He killed four people in total. It actually beat London on the late local news. I guess we’re more inured to it in the US. Yet police still try to save us.

    • Serv, I told my husband about this after all the comments on the news last night about terrorism. Police are more likely to die here responding to a domestic dispute.

      • It’s true — which says something troubling about us, but also points out how much worse London could have been.

        • Yes, it could have been much worse. I showed my mom the pics I took when I was on the bridge, and how close the roadway is to the sidewalk. There is really no barrier between the cars and the pedestrians.

  8. They always manage to turn up just when I’m sure they’ve all finally walked away shaking their heads.

  9. Heroes

  10. Hm, noted😉

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