A bit more than a decade in Richard Armitage’s calves

These are four comparison points I remember.

  1. early 1990s

42nd St days or thereabout.

2. late 2005 or early 2006.


Claude Monet’s calf after his mishap in the forest, in The Impressionists, episode 1 (broadcast April 2006). Source: RichardArmitageNet.com

3. The Hobbit BTS — between February 2011 and July 2012:

An earlier one.


Before July 23, 2012. Source: RichardArmitageNet.com


4. Hannibal — filmed in winter-spring 2015:

This is in case you need a closeup:

5. Brain on Fire — filmed late summer 2015:

~ by Servetus on March 24, 2017.

31 Responses to “A bit more than a decade in Richard Armitage’s calves”

  1. His legs are luscious. I wonder if he knows?

  2. I prefer his legs when he is more beefy and muscled up for a role, and unwaxed. 😈 Definitely more manly IMO!
    Just wondering if he has put on a bit of weight? The skinny look which he was sporting in the latter half of last year just does not do it for me; I thought he looked somewhat fey at times.

    Fuller required him

  3. Hobbit times, yes, yes and yes! ❤

  4. Shocking!!! You have forgotten to include this gem (found in the comments of your own post here: https://meandrichard.wordpress.com/2015/07/03/relaxed-armitage-or-rushed-armitage/)
    By the way, slightly unfortunate capture, that new BoF picture…

    • Why do you think this? The odd posture or the muscular calves? I am always a bit surprised to see his naked legs, don’t know why…

      • The odd posture. A picture that is shot mid-movement. Not very flattering. (I am surprised that such a picture is used for promo.) Otherwise the physique of Mr A is as perfect as could be. And if truth be known, I’d also look at him if he was permanently walking on tiptoes 👣 😉

        • I don’t think it is a brilliant shot but it works well for her character more than his, in terms of promo. She’s struggling but being coached and is generally in a “sunnier” disposition. It speaks to a potentially happy ending (without giving much away). Not a perfect still, by any means, but a serviceable shot for promo.

          But lets be real, his legs are the best thing in it. 😉

    • I liked it.

      • I admit, I am niggling.

        • I think one thing I have learned from you over the years is how significant composition is to professional photographers, LOL. However, I also am seeing these photos in relationship to the film, so they call forth feelings on that basis as well that they might not to someone who hadn’t seen the film.

  5. I don’t mind the slightly bent body, thus he looks very caring. I like these photos very much because they are a hint of normalcy in those depressing times.
    At first I was not much interested in this movie but now I would like to see it, much more as a BS sequel…

    • I think, when people start seeing this film, it will lead to a mild influx of new fans — not because the film is great (as I noted in excruciating detail) but he’s a definite daddy in this one. Like, you’d want someone like that taking caring of you. (Also he wears a TON of blue clothing.)

  6. Seeing the increasing definition in his calves over the years, we could start speculating about calf implants… probably just running though. 😃

    • he must have had pretty good calves before 1995, really, but it looks like the Hobbit (and reasonably speaking, SB before that) took him to a different place.

  7. I hate that his legs are straighter than mine. 😉

  8. I like his legs hairy.

  9. While reading Guylty’s Roundup, I had to look up RA as Epiphanes and found this 1999 pic of the calves… http://richardarmitagecentral.co.uk/main.php?g2_itemId=185156& . Another fine example for your timeline!

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