Richard Armitage quoting Sophocles

Hmmm. Oedipus Rex, anyone?

~ by Servetus on March 24, 2017.

7 Responses to “Richard Armitage quoting Sophocles”

  1. Is this an early sign that he’s involved in Yael’s upcoming Antigone?


  2. So, I just reread this part of the play — it’s kind of an ironic quotation. I wish he wouldn’t make these out of contexts quotations.


    • Yeah, isn’t it Jocasta’s? When she realizes Oedipus is her son?
      However, initially I took the quote as a comment to London attack.


  3. That’s applied to my life daily since August, so I found it touching. I, too, think he’s thinking of London. If it applies to his work as well, then hey… it’s quite apropos!


  4. It also fits with his “fearless” motto for the year.


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