New romantic interest for Daniel Miller on Berlin Station? #richardarmitage

Simona Roman as Becca: Berlin Station scene 1 from SIMONA ROMAN on Vimeo.

Berlin Station – Becca Kaatz – Ania Sowinski (SCENE 1) from jonathan arun on Vimeo.

Berlin Station – Becca Kaatz – Ania Sowinski (SCENE 2) from jonathan arun on Vimeo.

Simona Roman: Berlin Station audition slate "Becca" from SIMONA ROMAN on Vimeo.

~ by Servetus on March 28, 2017.

28 Responses to “New romantic interest for Daniel Miller on Berlin Station? #richardarmitage”

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  2. Great find. I like Anna Sowinski best.

  3. Noooooooooooo! However if not Esther, I don’t much like either of those two choices, but I think Ania was better than Simona. I don’t seen either as Daniel’s type.

  4. I’m sure these are very nice actresses but they don’t strike me as having the necessary chemistry to entice Daniel to break out his vertical lovemaking skills like he did with Esther. 😅

    • I agree with you Widoedm53. I think what they should do is bring back the actress that played the woman who got thrown out the window( I think it was the first episode), just change her hair color or something.

      • Exactly! She and Daniel had great chemistry. Claudia Gartner’s twin sister with a dark past- it could happen, right? 😊

  5. Great finds! I saw the first one last night and was rather taken aback. Not even knowing exactly what it was for, I just thought the actress overplayed it. I much prefer the second actress. Not sure whether I find her the type of woman that DM goes for, though. (LOL at Donna’s argument above – I think she hits it on the nail.)
    So, Esther Krug is out of the picture? That’s a pity. That relationship would have had an interesting dynamic, now that Esther has moved up – and disclosed her real feelings to DM…

    • If Esther is out of it, I wonder how much they’ll explore Daniel’s backstory. She was the main mechanism for the delivery of that particular plot strand, at least so far.

      • Oh, that is real bad news for me! Thought there would be more of an interesting story between Esther and Daniel, as I’m pretty fond of Mina Tander. Admittedly I’m not impressed at all by both the “Beccas”.

        • I like Mina Tander a lot; I enjoyed watching them together, I just don’t think there was much energy in that relationship. They were so similar.

          • Mmmhh… not sure about the similarity. Think there is a lot of room for controversy, competition, mis/understandings, fighting the old ghosts and for Daniel, getting to know his roots better (and of course some much needed love and tenderness within this tough environment!!!) I would so much love a profound backstory.

            • Highly manipulative people, pragmatic patriots, grew up at the end of the Cold War, troubled relationship with parents, over involved with their careers, constantly willing to sacrifice principle? They seemed exactly the same to me most of the time. The only thing that mildly surprised me was that Esther was so shocked that Daniel would kiss her and then pump her for information in the last episode. I don’t think either of them has much capacity for tenderness.

              However, I would really like to know a lot more about Daniel’s backstory.

              • It seems to me like that story line is the main reason for keeping Daniel in Berlin. Since they wrapped up the main “Shaw” plotline. So you’d think …

                You don’t happen to know why Linda60 keeps getting hung up in WP comments, do you? it’s been happening for two weeks now and it’s not because she’s changing IPs or avatars.

                • Yeah, was wondering myself…… Haven’t done anything (as far as I know!! 😉 )
                  You’re probably right about this two troubled workaholics. It’s my needy self who wants a bit more tender human interactions in this story/series, within all this freezing cold, patriotic political skirmishes. 😀

                  • It’s happening to you and squirrel.0072. Really bizarre. I admit my usual response to stuff like this is just to wait for it to go away but that doesn’t seem to be happening here.

                    In the end I sort of found myself thinking that all the relationships were screwed up. The most tender relationship was probably Hector and Julian, and that was not romantic.

      • Very good point. Hm. I would regret that, tbh. They spent some time putting out hints for the backstory of Daniel’s mother. It would be a shame if they abandoned that…

  6. I like Ania a lot and think Daniel would too… echoes of Lucas’ wife, whose name I can’t remember. Not keen on Simona, far too kittenish for Daniel!

  7. Not impressed with either, especially Simona. I had a great desire to slap the smugness off her face. Liked Ania better but really I can’t see Daniel with either. Perhaps if I knew more about the character she might grow on me. Thank you for posting these.

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