Oh to be in Berlin, just before April’s there

not quite Robert Browning … However, it is a beautiful time of year to be in Germany.

~ by Servetus on March 28, 2017.

27 Responses to “Oh to be in Berlin, just before April’s there”

  1. Frühling läßt sein blaues Band
    Wieder flattern durch die Lüfte;
    Süße, wohlbekannte Düfte
    Streifen ahnungsvoll das Land.

    Even very romantic, but always true 😉


  2. I will go to Germany in 3 weeks, far from Berlin, though.


    • the further south, the warmer and more spring like 🙂 I can definitely recommend Easter in the Rheinland Pfalz 🙂


  3. Between Badoit and Evian I thought she was in France. Great advertising for my country! Do you think that these companies might sponsor the serie?
    On the shelves of germany’s shops, however, there are nearly 450 different mineral waters, bottled by 200 national manufacturers.
    My memories of student in the 1980s in Osnabruck.
    Attention in Germany, the question is: “Mit oder ohne Kohlensäure?” (“With or without gas?”). Because generally speaking, the term “water” refers to bottled mineral water (Mineralwasser), which is almost always carbonated. Bubbles, everywhere, everywhere! 43% of the most consumed mineral water, contain carbon dioxide, relegating flat water consumption to only 11%.
    If you do not support the bubbles, you must specify the Wasser stilles (flat water) or ask for water from the tap (Leitungswasser) literally “water plumbing”, a name not very encouraging ..
    Completely crazy about bubbles! In Germany, you can even find water dispensers that mix gas with water, with “much” or “little” settings for delicate stomachs. 30% of the Germans also own a fountain with sparkling water that turns tap water into a delicious sparkling drink, allowing them to drink without restraint. They take advantage of this to save money on the purchase of bottles and to praise the ecological merits of such a practice. But glass or plastic bottles are recycled and brought back to specific supermarkets too. °°° BUBBLES°°°°°

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  4. Und was ist mit dem “Echt Kölnisch Wasser”?


    • I don’t drink that 🙂


    • Koelnisch Wasser is a perfume I think. Kölsch is the beer sold in Cologne
      What about Berliner Weiße either with green or red syrup, or Radler?


      • I’m reasonably sure she was joking 🙂


        • Sorry.

          I think having dealt with Brexit stuff all day is taking its toll.


          • It was a joke. I am sorry!
            My favorite drink is Evian Water, as it is a plain natural mineral water. Containing very few minerals, it is suitable for babies, pregnant women and people with fragile health. In addition, the operator bought a maximum of land in the Alps around the catch points, in order to collect as few least polluted water as possible. But I agree, this water is expensive, especially when it is packaged in glass bottles.
            What I criticize for gaseous mineral waters is their sodium content. Too salty they raise cardiovascular risks. Badoit is salty, whereas Salvetat and Perrier have less than 20 mg / L of sodium.
            SORRY to know only the hydrology and hydrothermalism of France.
            But I am fascinated by volcanoes and hot springs rich in sulfur’s Thermal waters. At retirement my dream would be to continue my discovery of volcanoes throughout the world …
            ▶ ALKA SELTZER cp efferv, in France it is an aspirin-based medicine: Acetylsalicylic acid: 324 mg and excipients: sodium bicarbonate, sodium carbonate, anhydrous citric acid.


            • Please, no need to apologise squirrel! Had a rough day around Brexit triggering and the subsequent Eurosceptic fallout a la Le Pen, Farage and Brexit-fans here in UK to deal with at work and obviously had lost my sense of humour towards the night. My fault.

              Totally agree with you, Evian is very nice. My favourite, especially while I lived in Paris. Until the mid-90s I think still water (bottled, not tap) was fairly uncommon in Germany, at least in my family. Medium-sparkling water was the compromised. Never liked it myself. Never liked fizzy drinks that much in general.They give me bad hiccups and heartburn. Considering the massive plastic pollution we’re facing, I applaud Evian’s use of glass bottles. More sustainable.

              Alka Seltzer is same in Germany. I try to avoid aspirin based drugs, therefore I never checked it out in the UK.


              • Evian uses glass bottles only in restaurants, bars, hôtel, on business meetings, or major marketing operations such as Christmas…
                Plastic bottles are for families’ usual uses and for sure neither ecologic nor healthy, (This is the case of the famous bisphenol A (BPA) highly suspected of acting as an endocrine disruptor. Fortunately it was banned in food plastics. Long live the European Community and Reach European Chemicals Agency, for what would remain of the European Union. I do not like phthalates and fluorinated derivatives… as well).
                So what would be the future of ecology and health, with the Brexit, DTrump, eventual Frexit, … there are black clouds on the horizon.
                So “no fear” utopy with RA, as leader of our dreams, in a fandom full of humor, might be a good hope’s derivative.


  5. Now i’m wondering if the excellent German Sprudelwasser companies don’t make those ridiculously small and overpriced water bottles? Surely they must 🙂 Though i always go for 1l bottles myself.
    I understand they would prefer still for the long reading though how anyone being back in Berlin/Germany can resist an Apfelschoerle is beyond me!


  6. Is it wrong of me that Berlin is now one of the cities preprogrammed into my weather app??😊


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