This is definitely not my favorite Richard Armitage photo

There’s something about looking down the front of his torso and then getting to that little frayed hole that’s so … disappointing.

But I have another day of job interviews tomorrow, so I am focusing on that.

~ by Servetus on March 31, 2017.

31 Responses to “This is definitely not my favorite Richard Armitage photo”

  1. Good luck, Serv!

    But the whole face and horn headgear thing is pretty cute, right? Reminds me of an innocent little kid dressed up as a devil for Halloween!

    • Thanks. Yeah, I do think it’s cute. Also, I thought about the look on his face and being the kind of person who has a job where they regularly emerge into a room in a sort of odd costume and have to discuss it with people.

      • Your spot on! He looks as if he could be silently cursing Brian Fuller! This image was not quite what I had in mind when I think about RA and a horny devil! 😈

  2. Good luck tomorrow. If you find yourself stressed out, give a little thought to the frayed hole in the horny suit. It might be disappointing, but it also a hilarious visual.

  3. Best of luck!!!! ..the horns compensate for the thingy 😉

  4. AJAJA!!! Hilarious! Now I can’t stop looking at the frayed hole!

    Best of luck to you tomorrow! ❤

  5. Good luck. Crossing my fingers for you.

  6. Knock ‘me dead! (Not literally!)

  7. Disappointing trifft es genau. Wie fies, erst den Mund wässrig machen und dann quasi den Eiskübel über einem ausleeren 😂 Hat was von einer antiken Statue, bei der das entscheidende Merkmale zwangsentfernt wurden. Schade drum. Bleibt wieder nur das Kopfkino Alles muss man hier selber machen

    • Ah, sorry, wie unhöflich von mir: alles Gute und so 😬

    • yeah, it’s really rough, having to imagine that oneself. Maybe that was why they left it that way — that way everyone can imagine her favorite size and shape.

  8. Fingers crossed for your interviews.
    And this photo really represents the whole film business, doesn’t it? Smoke and mirrors, all of it…

  9. Good luck, Serv! Keeping fingers crossed!

  10. Toi, toi, toi!!!

  11. I love this pic and his expression somewhere between embarassment and concentration. Hadn´t yet remarked the frayed little hole before since I was too occupied with the odd checked pattern. I agree, the whole look resembles a spiderman costume with fake muscles for little boys which is definitely adorable!!!
    Good luck and success for your interviews!

  12. Bei all den gekreuzten Fingern werde ich dir zur Abwechslung die Daumen drücken – vielleicht hilft ja die Vielfalt.
    Wenn dir morgen einer der Interviewer allzu beeindruckend vorkommt, dann musst du ihn dir einfach in eben diesem Anzug vorstellen…

  13. Break a leg, Serv. Not literally of course.
    This picture always makes me smile.

  14. Trzymam kciuki,Serv!

  15. Best of luck tomorrow! Imagine your interviewer in this outfit and you will be less stressed out

  16. Best of luck, and fingers crossed!

  17. Thanks to everyone who left positive messages here — I really appreciate your energy and your support. It went pretty well — now I sit and wait (again).

  18. good evening, serevtus. I know this is kind of late(my computer has been on the fritz), but I wanted to say i hope your interviews went well. this picture of Mr. Richard Armitage reminds me of that saying for a bag of potato chips(you just can’t eat one), in this picture you can’t just have one look, you have to keep going back. I know there are others out there who are probably thinking the same thing I am thinking, ” I wish there was a picture of his back/backside in this costume.”

    • sorry to hear your computer’s ailing. I had never thought of how the rear view would be — but OMG. Yeah, I’m totally with you. I wonder how it looked.

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