Richard Armitage to be included in the New Strands Festival

A new rumor making its way through New York theater circles hints that Richard Armitage will be joining the American Conservatory Theater very briefly this May. Although Armitage will be in the middle of filming for Berlin Station at the time of the festival, he may be able to take advantage of a week break the cast is said to be taking during the week before and including the Christi Himmelfahrt holiday to appear in the one-time, weekend performance.

The play in question is a recent political thriller called “The Man from Saigon” (2012). It tells the story of playwright Don Nguyen’s father, and takes place at the end of the Vietnam War and then fifteen years later, when the main character returns to North Vietnam to try to extract his brother from a North Vietnamese re-education camp.

Armitage is said to be playing the supporting role of Richard Armitage, “a charismatic US officer who would later become George W. Bush’s deputy secretary of state.”

The rumor seems far-fetched, but it appeared in a Broadway World article, including a link in its description of the character in the play to credits and news about the British actor.

Armitage is thought to be uniquely poised to play the role of Richard Armitage, as he is already an expert on much of the subject matter, including being a CIA officer, having to appear as if he speaks a foreign language fluently that he doesn’t understand, escaping by helicopter from the roofs of buildings under artillery barrage, and exposing spies who are not very hidden in the first place. Armitage may also be interested in the role because it could finally give him the opportunity he’s been looking for since Spooks to shave his head. He was recently seen wearing glasses, which have been an element of preparation for the Armitage role.

Hal Brooks, the projected director of the piece, was rumored to have told he wouldn’t do the piece without Armitage, because he needed the actor’s combination of charm, charisma and good looks to fully recreate the incredible energy of the character: “A Richard Armitage who is not as good looking as Richard Armitage will simply fall flat,” his assistant confided to us.

Under condition of confidentiality, an ACT insider said, “A number of Armitage’s previous roles were influential in the decision to cast him, and he is good-looking, but in the end, it was decisive for us to be able to cast someone who knows how to pronounce the character’s name correctly.”

Armitage, as usual when it comes to absurd casting rumors, has said nothing. Calls to Armitage’s publicist late Friday remained unanswered.


Happy April Fool’s Day!

~ by Servetus on April 1, 2017.

47 Responses to “Richard Armitage to be included in the New Strands Festival”

  1. Armitage as Armitage! Love it!

  2. ‘ …give him the opportunity he’s been looking for since spooks to shave his head’ Rofl!

  3. 😀 Thanks!

  4. I wish you hadn’t added the last sentence 😉 Loved it. Have a nice 1st of April!

  5. 😂😂😂 You had me fooled for a good while there…

  6. Great story! You has also trapped me for a while…

    • Armitage would be really “trapped” in that role, too … maybe it’s just that I can’t imagine the politician Armitage as ever having been charismatic. Failure of imagination on my part.

  7. You’ve honed your rumour reporting talents perfectly here and had me fooled for a while too, esp with those links you included! 😊

  8. You got me! LOL!

    • Admit it: you want to believe that Richard Armitage will play Richard Armitage on stage.

  9. Lol. That’s the kind of April’s Fool prank I like. Thank you for making me snigger.

  10. Hahaha!!! Thanks for the chuckle!!! As soon as I saw his “character”, I stopped arranging my calendar🤣

  11. This was pretty elaborate. I was impressed that it was based on an actual play, and timed around an actual German holiday.

    • Definitely more esoteric than the “Richard Armitage gets social media” joke of 2014 (that then actually happened, talk about disconcerting. I don’t think I’m at risk for this one occurring). That one had broader appeal.

  12. OMG, you had me till the third paragraph! Then I started laughing…thanks!

  13. Brilliant! You had me until the shaven head😂 Great with a good laugh👍🏻

  14. You know my dumb ass was about to buy tickets…..

    • LOL. They probably put an extra button on those TKTS booths just for you, rashisama 🙂 — APRIL FOOL AGAIN!

  15. I almost started swearing after 1st paragraph because I knew I could not afford a trip to US to see him. But then I remember the date rofl

  16. haha! good one 🙂

  17. Fell for it. Well done. 😄😄😄

  18. Thank goodness I remembered the date and I remember you did something similar last year. It is so enjoyable to wrap your head around these ideas 🙂 I remember when Martin asked him in the interview would he rather shave his head or gain 20 lbs. He said “shave his head” you got him! lol

  19. Armitage as Armitage! LOL! 🙂

  20. […] Richard Armitage’s name and presence are unforgettable, so much so that he’s inserting himself into other dramas. I just learned from the Telegraph that there’s a Richard Armitage in Poldark. Well, actually, no, it’s a Hugh Armitage (Josh Whitehouse). But don’t lets telegraph that to the Telegraph. I still want to see Richard Armitage playing Richard Armitage. […]

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