Womanizer, womanizer #richardarmitage

Ladykiller (also lady-killer and lady killer): a man who believes himself to be unusually attractive or irresistible to women; an uncaring womanizer. First appears ca. 1805-1815. Richard Armitage as Lee Preston in Cold Feet. Source: RichardArmitageNet.com

~ by Servetus on April 2, 2017.

20 Responses to “Womanizer, womanizer #richardarmitage”

  1. Guy is the one and only REALLY womanizer 😁

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    • but he’s only interested in one woman. Usually a ladykiller is interested in every woman.


      • Du hast aber auch so eine nervtötend überzeugende Art 😂 Und überhaupt: die blöde Sumpfkuh Marian hat ihn ja bloß daran gehindert, zur Höchstleistung aufzulaufen. Von der Anlage her, war da nämlich durchaus mehr zu erwarten, also womanizer-technisch!

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        • to be frank: part of the problem of doing this with Guy is that so much of what he does is ironic in some way. It’s confounding for dictionary writing.

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  2. I watched that playful scene of Harry and Geraldine last night. “I think you’re in danger of going into some serious debt…” Great line to get a kiss.

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  3. What You Get Is What You See !😜

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  4. As soon as I saw “womanizer” I thought of Heather’s video. 😉 To me Lee Preston is the womanizer of the chaRActers, and possibly Percy Courtenay as well.


  5. He does look particularly yummy in those two stills. Just look at his eyes as Lee Preston – truly mischievous – like a cat about to devour a freshly caught mouse.


  6. Just imagine….. Richie is looking at YOU like this……


  7. Oh, he definitely has his “ladykiller” looks down and if he chooses to use them, wonder how many stand a chance? Or do you want to???


  8. Oh how come i hadn’t seen this one?! Need to allow myself to get lost in utube again. I can very effectively erase Marian from memory for the duration of the video…
    Well much longer too, who am i kidding 😁…. and Guy making that come here gesture with his head or just raising an eyebrow gets me 100% of times. Guy is always welcome. Along with a few others 😃


  9. I love that video!


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