I wonder if Richard Armitage read the Jezebel interview

Uch, I hate Huff Po. However, it links to an interview in Jezebel that is pretty interesting and potentially relevant.

~ by Servetus on April 4, 2017.

18 Responses to “I wonder if Richard Armitage read the Jezebel interview”

  1. Is this RA exhibiting AHPM (Anne Hathaway Protection Mode)?!

  2. I found the body of the Jezebel article interesting but what really grabbed my attention was the postscript at the end. kudos to the writer for admitting his faults and apologizing. very rare in his profession.

    • I agree.

      • I didn’t see the point of the post script myself – I don’t understand why he would bring up the picture of her crotch to apologize about when many people, myself included, had no idea about it. Now I do and for some reason I feel as though this writer re-victimized her for no other purpose than to “aplogize”. I felt it was a false apology, or that the apology was somehow negated because ..well, there it is again – all the regurgitated negative press about her and for what reason? For a whole new group of people to revisit it or google it to find out about it. I felt it was self serving and it made me angry for some reason. Find a new angle to interview the poor woman.

        • exactly this debate is going on in the comments of the Jezebel article. The problem is it’s hard to know how to make a public apology without saying what one is apologizing for.

  3. Perhaps he is in charge as a Cybersmile Ambassador…I wasn’t aware that she gained so much negative attention via Internet and social media. Why?

    • She’s talented, ambitious, and thin — she seems perfect and impervious to mistakes? I don’t follow her super closely but it’s kind of a thing, that she can do no right on the Internet.

    • Anne was never really as inauthentic or idiotic as she was made out to be. Not even close. She was just going through a thing and trying to be well-liked in the process. Her careful nature being compared to Jennifer Lawrence’s shoot-from-the-hip style didn’t help, either.

      But a lot of people (especially Gawker media) created a punching bag of Anne. She never did anything actively cruel, stupid, or vapid. She was just awkward for a bit. Who isn’t from time to time?

  4. It’s kind of impossible to answer the questions “do you know that people on the Internet hate you?” or “Why do people hate you?” without putting down the people you’re being asked about. In essence, the question assumes a limited number of answers that either tend in the direction of “because I deserve it” (and no one is ever going to say that — it’s probably not true but even if it were, who would say that about themselves?) or “it’s unfair, because …” (in which case anyone reading who was not sympathetic to her would simply respond that she was making excuses for behaviors that had caused her to be hated). I’m growing very weary of the statement “haters gonna hate,” but there is a sense in which that’s true. No one’s ever found an answer to the question of “why are people jealous” that doesn’t involve casting some aspersion on the people they are talking about. Which you probably wouldn’t want to do if you were a celebrity. It’s sort of bad form to speak ill of the people who are supporting your career (even if only by creating controversy).

  5. So is AH perceived to be humuor-less? The anecdote of her making RA laugh seems to suggest so.
    Is she one of the actresses who have reputations for being difficult when in actual fact they are perhaps being careful, reflective, unimpulsive, committed to causes (note: I steer well away from ‘opinionated’ although that’s what I mean without the connotations.

    • My impression of her is that she’s really earnest without being especially spontaneous. “Well-raised,” my mother would have said. Very in control of herself. Again, without having spent a lot of time on her.

      She also took a lot of grief for her performance while hosting the Oscars a few years ago. Although those things are so highly scripted, it’s hard to say that was necessarily representative of anything. I didn’t watch it; just saw the news reports afterward.

      • Hmm, it reminds me of a story that emerged some years ago before the serious proliferation of SoMe. Here, but I guess it could be anywhere.
        A story about a young, successful actress who got the reputation of being a diva, when it apparently turned out to be her employers or agency that couldn’t “get anything on her” so to speak. She couldn’t be pressurized into doing parts she didn’t want. She gave an interview on television, and some very respected directors must have been feeling embarrassed afterwards as a result. AFAIK she’s still struggling.

        • well, Anne Hathaway was and remains extremely bankable. Definitely A-list. And of course she now carries the huge tranche of female fans with her who loved her when they were girls.

          I always wonder how much the Internet really matters. I mean, look at how much vileness Ashley Judd gets exposed to for views that are actually hers, and she still gets hired. Lots of people don’t pay attention to any of that stuff.

          • It’s like they’re not allowed to have and express their opinions. I read some comments on Ashley Judds twitter; vile!

  6. I’ve been unaware of how she’s perceived by the internet, never having had much interest in her apart from liking some of her roles. However, she won me over with her take of “Wrecking Ball”, pitted against Emily Blunt in the show Lip Sync Battle. She definitely has a sense of humour.

    • She’s in one of my favorite movies — The Devil Wears Prada. Other than that, I guess I’ve seen pieces of some of the Princess Diaries.

  7. http://www.vulture.com/2017/04/anne-hathaway-its-not-cool-to-hate-her-anymore.html?mid=full-rss-vulture

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