Richard Armitage daddies on in Brain on Fire

Depending on how you feel about Armitage as father, this could be a really great film for you.


~ by Servetus on April 6, 2017.

21 Responses to “Richard Armitage daddies on in Brain on Fire”

  1. Socks!


    • dress socks!


    • Also: for some reason the length of his femur is striking me in this picture.

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      • he’s sleeping in her hospital room (something a lot of people do in the US but apparently no one does in Germany — another culture shock moment for me, lol)

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        • This is more common now with (smaller) children in hospitals that parents can stay with them overnight, and I’m sure there are arrangements possible for private patients!! As opposed to us normal grown-ups people with “gesetzlicher Krankenkasse”. 🙂


          • Interesting. I was going off my experience with exSO, who was hospitalized in Mainz for ten days in 2004 — I was expecting more or less that I’d sleep in the chair in his room; not full time move into it, but that I’d be able to stay there and maybe go home a few times to shower and stuff. It was kind of a trek from his apartment to the hospital. But yeah, he had a gesetzliche Krankenkasse. I was really surprised when they told me to leave! At least in my adult life, most hospitals in the US don’t have visiting hours. Mom wanted someone to stay with her in the hospital and mostly she got her wish.


    • Socks were the first thing I noticed in this picture!

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  2. socks! how come i was drawn to them before anything else? tie but socks? weird. 2ndly big metal watch on dainty wrist 🙂 3rd the cupping hand.. awww


  3. Trägt man Krawatte, wenn man voller Sorge bei der Tochter in der Klinik übernachtet?? Er sieht einfach viel zu “unzerknittert” aus.


    • Well, it is a movie. But it’s a pretty common occurrence, I think. Cahalan did shifts with his wife. He probably worked during the day and stayed there at night and/or vice versa. This must be fairly early in the sequence of her commission; later he has on more casual clothing.


      • Es ist ein Film, das stimmt. Aber gerade das stört mich an (vielen) Filmen, dass die Leute bei jeder Gelegenheit wie aus dem Ei gepellt aussehen. Diese Abneigung meinerseits hat mit dieser speziellen Szene nichts zu tun. Ich kenne die Zusammenhänge ja leider nicht aus eigener Anschauung, weil ich den Film IMMER NOCH NICHT (t’schuldigung) sehen konnte. “frustriertguck”


        • Armitage almost always looks good, even when he’s trying to look disheveled. Poor guy 🙂

          You’re in the company of the vast majority of fans at this point. I am really confident that it will be visible somehow, though. Of all the “lost films” this is the one that is likeliest to be easy to see eventually.

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  4. what socks? Thigh ❤


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