Richard Armitage’s chair goes back to work

~ by Servetus on April 6, 2017.

25 Responses to “Richard Armitage’s chair goes back to work”

  1. Mein Jott Ritschie, wie haste dir vaändat 😁


  2. and so red.


  3. What a wooden performance!!! lol


  4. Hm, posting on FB now?
    Is there any significance in the graffiti? Has Daniel Miller been degraded to a traffic cop? Oh dear, oh dear…


  5. Soooo, he is in so many scenes he has no time to sit down. Optimistic interpretation.


  6. Sounds like Mr. Miller started ‘proper filming’ today ?!


  7. Back to work…of graffiti?
    “Traffic Mafia” – would that be a heavy metal band?


    • It looks like it’s a frequent Berlin graffiti tag.


    • A quick google suggests it’s a tag associated with a particular crew of graffiti people who concentrate on public transportation. There are some vids.


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