Tech stuff heads up

There have been a couple of problems lately with regular commentators (squirrel, linda60, bloodangel) having their stuff go to moderation every single time (and I experienced this last night on another blog — being required to log in to WP before commenting although I was already logged in). This bug seems to be caused by gravatar, issues around third-party cookies, so I’m going to play around with that a little bit to see if it helps. If you have problems commenting please be patient. I will try to get to the bottom of it.

~ by Servetus on April 7, 2017.

15 Responses to “Tech stuff heads up”

  1. Kein Problem! Ich dachte, während Sie schlafen, Ihre Arbeit Beiträge blockiert wurden. Ich bin damit einverstanden: Filterung.

    • No, if you have one approved comment, you’re supposed to be able to post freely unless I specifically put you on moderation. It’s only happening in three cases — but I just tried to leave a comment elsewhere and ran into the problem that you are having now.

      • Do not matter for me. Else perhaps you have to read all I say as soon as you are able to. Sorry!

  2. I’ll be looking out for your conclusions, because Squirrel and a few others also go into moderation on my wordpress blog.

    • I think I figured it out — it has to with third party cookies. I’ve at least I think solved the problem for myself … but I don’t like the solution. I will think aout it more when I’m bright eyed and bushy tailed tomorrow.

  3. Ah, dann bin ich ja nicht alleine mit dem Problem. Bin zwischendurch auch schon verschiedentlich in der Moderation gelandet. Dachte schon, es sei was persönliches zwischen mir und WP. Bin halt latent respektlos 😂

    • Your problem is different than squirrel’s — every single comment of hers ends up in moderation, every time — for the last month or so …

      • Ok, dann habe ich tatsächlich kein Problem, sondern bloß eine kleinere Unannehmlichkeit. Muss seit neuestem IMMER Name, E-Mail und Passwort einklimpern, egal ob ich like oder kommentiere. Das ist schlicht ermüdend, da ich ja gerne Bemerkungen mal eben schnell “raushaue”. Tja, bisher hat mich WP noch nicht kleingekriegt 😏

        • OK, das wusste ich nicht. Schreibst Du mit Phone oder mit Rechner?

          • iPhone oder iPad. Dabei merkt sich das mistige WP nicht mal mein Passwort. Habe das “Problem” erst seit einigen Wochen. Lustig, es klingt, als ob ich meinem Hausarzt irgendwelche Symptome schildere 😂

            • Yeah, it seems to be proliferating. The general problem seems to be that browsers and privacy advocates are starting to recommend strongly that people block third party cookies. (My problems started when I installed an extension called Privacy Badger.) requires third party cookies to work correctly.

              • Ich lasse mich jedenfalls nicht kleinkriegen.

                • It’s going to come down to whether you’re willing to disable a function of your browser that protects your privacy — I think — or else log in for every single comment (which seems unfair). I should add to this that the European privacy rules about cookies are different so the browsers may also be configured differently.

    • i.e., your posts are occasionally sorted into the wrong category. Her posts are always identified as completely unknown.

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