So the chair picture is gone

Starting to move from “there’s no there, there” to “erratic.”

~ by Servetus on April 8, 2017.

46 Responses to “So the chair picture is gone”

  1. It’s still on instagram. I don’t get it.

  2. This is fascinating to me. He is so weird!

  3. “Versehentlich” gelöscht? Wirkt irgendwie willenlos auf mich.
    Mir fällt beim besten Willen kein Grund ein, warum er dieses Bild hätte löschen sollen. Vielleicht beherrscht er einfach manchmal die Technik nicht… “resigniertseufz”

    • after almost 3 years of this … if he hasn’t mastered the tech, it’s because he doesn’t want to.

  4. Perhaps his action of deleting a tweet has more impact than actually deleting the content as well as a different intention? Here, the same content is all over SM including his own sites and the official series site. So by deleting, he’s raised an issue that he knows causes comments – he, himself acknowledge this when he explained his deleting by tweeting that he does it to end the conversation. Why end this conversation – especially when it was just about over, anyway?
    But he left up the offending RT. Curiouser and Curiouser.

    • Wag the Dog?

      • Gawd. That’s all around us.( I’m thinking missile) If so, it was not a great way to divert attention, because the comparison between what was deleted and what remained keeps the discussion going.

        • Right? If you don’t have anything to actually say, keep people talking by unsaying things you’ve said?

          In general I feel like we’re just a microcosm of reality at the moment. I swear, the next time I hear someone say that because I mentioned something, I’m outraged, or losing sleep about it, or whatever … it’s a mirror in general of the anti-intellectualism I encounter everywhere. G-d forbid I admit I think about something.

      • Honestly, I think he’s in a bind if he belatedly agrees that his RT was improper or negligent. He knows deleting that tweet would flame the fires, and could even be viewed as a criticism of KekePalmer. He has no good options if he regrets the RT.

        • I agree.

          • Come on Ladies 😞 would he be affraid of a 24 years old child or something ..if he delete it , would she get annoyed with it 😶 Jeez 😶

            • Afraid of blowback from a 23 year old? No. But worried that he might hurt her feelings or appear to be criticizing her by deleting the tweet? Yes, I think that is possible.

            • Not afraid, but he stepped out onto the terrain of racial politics by RTing and he can’t get off them very easily now. No matter what he does, it will be interpreted politically. Impossible not to.

  5. Tststs, Serv, die Erklärung ist doch ganz einfach:

    Wir können absolut, vollkommen und mindestens 200%ig sicher sein, dass er dir folgt und mit angehaltenem Atem auf deinen nächsten Blogeintrag wartet. Gleichzeitig wissen wir, dass er ein emsiges Bienchen ist und nicht viel Zeit hat, schon gar nicht in den letzten paar Tagen.

    Ergo: Unser Bienchen hat beim Überfliegen (har, har) nur mitbekommen, dass du einen Tweet von ihm nicht gut fandest.

    Leider hatte er keine Zeit, genauer hinzugucken, also hat er einfach auf gut Glück gelöscht. Und er hatte auch nur Zeit, das Bildchen vom Stühlchen auf Twitterchen, äh, Twitter zu löschen, sonst nirgends.

    In anderen Worten: Du bist schuld, dass das Bild weg ist.

    Ganz klar und eindeutig. 😀


    Könnte natürlich auch sein, dass alles ganz anders ist, z.B., dass er völlig unterschiedliche Gründe hat, wenn er irgendwas löscht, so dass ein Außenstehender keinen Sinn hinter seinen Lösch-Aktionen erkennen kann.

    • That’s it! Richard Armitage is deciding what to tweet and delete based on a conspiracy theory version of my preferences!

      Now I understand 🙂

      • Das ist wahrlich ein Augenöffner!
        Wenn du ihn zum Löschen bringen kannst, kannst du ihn dann auch dazu bringen, bestimmte Bilder zu twittern… Es täten sich da Möglichkeiten auf. 😉

        • since I’ve only just discovered this newfound ability, it may take me some time to make it operational …

    • Danke für den Lachflash des Tages!!!!

  6. I thought maybe he had deleted it because I saw a fair few snarky comments like ‘Richard is in Berlin… well, his chair is” and that they would rather see his face than the chair… the usual demands that it’s never quite enough… I wondered if that was it. Impossible to know. From my view he is clearly more sensitive to this stuff than he let’s on and I think people joke with him like he js a friend but he’s not. Sigh. It’s a shame it’s gone. Even more of a shame I don’t get why. Hope another one replaces it soon.

    • well, it that’s the explanation, it’s really unfortunate for him that he has the emotional maturity of a thirteen year old and unfortunate for me that I expect him to behave like an adult.

      • Hehehe. Really who knows… that was the best I could do in terms of reasoning. He seems to have these moments of doubt… who knows what’s going on… tis a shame it can’t be a little more plain sailing…

  7. i agree with what Perry said on her blog, that maybe Mr. Richard Armitage accidentally deleted the photo. but what i am thinking is maybe Mr. Richard Armitage deleted the chair photo to give us a hint that maybe his character (Daniel Miller) is going to end up missing or dead.

  8. Just wanted to stir the pot a bit. Give us something (more) to write about.

  9. “Ich kann Tweets löschen, wenn ich will, aber welche das sind, entscheide ich und nicht die shitstormende Bloggerwelt …” 😛 Statement!

    • And guess what: any blogger can talk about anything s/he wants! For any length of time at all!

    • But I find it amazing and amusing that for some reason you still think Richard Armitage is speaking to me. So I’ll repeat what I said at the end of the previous post: Richard Armitage is not paying attention to me. I’m SURE, however, that he is paying attention to YOU. Feel better now?

  10. Maybe he wants us to look at the empty chair symbol?
    Perhaps he is benefiting from his presence in Berlin, to follow a Gestalt psychotherapy? Invented by Fritz Perls, it helps to have a global vision of oneself to better understand how it works.
    Or is he a fervent adept? The direct interpellation which consists of never speaking about or about someone, but to speak to him directly even if he is absent. One chooses an object, another person of the group or the empty chair. This makes it possible to cause an emotion, a difficulty on which one can work, to emerge more rapidly.
    So by this chair he speaks to us. When he deletes it, he no longer wants contact…

    • This is a quietly beautiful reading 🙂

      • Thank you! The associations of ideas intersect and there emerges a fulgurance, a transcendence. When the idea is good, it helps to translate it clearly. I hope that I improve my English, taking classes again.

    • Note: I do not praise the Gestalt-therapy. A practice inscribed in the Mivilude health and sectarianism guide (interministerial mission of vigilance and the fight against sectarian aberrations: mission interministérielle de vigilance et de lutte contre les dérives sectaires).

  11. I liked it, I am so sorry that it was deleted. So with the help of an art critic , I would try to write about empty chair symbols.
    The chair is shown for its symbolic, artistic and poetic aspect.
    – It is associated with rest, comfort, physical inactivity, but also with power (it is not nothing to have, at ones disposal, a chair to ones own effigy).
    – In general, one considers the chair especially as the support to a body. It is difficult to disassociate the chair from being seated. It is so associated with the human being that, when left empty, it tends to indicate an absence, prolonged or permanent. It then serves to refer to the person who occupied it and who is no longer there. It is therefore, in such cases, at the same time symbol of absence but also of presence.
    – If it is only support, the chair is then only accessory, utilitarian. It would thus be trivialized unless, in the artistic culture of today, it takes on a particular meaning. It would be, for example, the case of the representation of the chair, with as wallpaper the painting: tag. Here we are far from the still life since the chosen objects can themselves be interpreted as symbols.
    In the context, where the tag was created, but also in the context of season 2 of BS, it takes a particular significance (index or not on the next developments of the series).
    – But this photo is artistically beautiful, it holds the eye.
    The colors are well tuned blue and purple, white and gray brown.
    Defined generally by straight lines: vertical and horizontal, defined by geometric shapes: squares and / or rectangles, the chair is an interesting element to create the structure of a work. It can, for example, be used to correct the impression of imbalance, here of the tag.
    One can then ask what role the chair plays here. Turning away from the tag of denunciation (the chair apparently had no participation in this action). The look would then be directed exclusively towards the message “Traffic Maffia”. Which, in reality, would not change the interest of the work, as the subject is the chair, where appears the name of “Daniel Miller”. The eyes oscillate indefinitely between the two written texts.
    – One of the peculiarities of the chair is that, like a human, it stands on its feet. Hence to associate it with the human form. Indeed, the chair, perceived subjectively, returns the viewer, inevitably to the artist who should occupy it, his physical, his lived, his supposed occupation or any history ( RA playing LLLact 1 for me).
    -There would remain only the chair, the ordinary object, which is no less linked to the time one passes on it, for various reasons.

    We have here a successful work which produces an enigma. Thus the interpretation established by the spectator will be the product of a choice, of the definition of what he sees in the image. He will use his imagination, his experience and his memory to draw something from photography. So the imagined story could be a poetry.

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