What I always hope Richard Armitage is eating in the spring

and now he’s actually in Germany, so he’ll be able to participate in Spargelmania! Here’s my favorite recipe, which I shared seven years ago. For a long time it was the most frequent query that brought people to this blog.

Genießen Sie den Spargel, Herr Armitage!

Here’s some Spargel with Schnitzel, so he can recover from Mina Tander’s Schnitzel-snaffling last year. Yum. My favorite way, with butter, but I’d probably replace the toasted almonds with lemon slices.


~ by Servetus on April 8, 2017.

10 Responses to “What I always hope Richard Armitage is eating in the spring”

  1. I am very lucky. There is a German-Thai restaurant within a mile of me. Strange, I know. The chef is German and his wife is Thai. The Schnitzel is to die for (although I could easily gorge myself on their pretzels with cheese sauce.)

    I’ll have to give the recipe to Spawn and see if he can healthify it. Or we can just ignore if it’s not healthy and it could become a cheat food…


    • If you don’t eat it with butter or hollandaise, it’s quite healthy. And schnitzel, well — it’s a “sometimes” food as kids are supposed to say now.

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      • I’ve been pretty forced to go completely healthy. Doctor threatened my fat behind. Definitely will be handing this over to Spawn to see how healthy he can make it. (He ‘healthified’ my beloved tagletelli from 23 points to 14! WHOOT!)


  2. Ah yes truly envious! Love Spargel in soup or anything. I’m with you on a bit of lemon with it. I hope he gets to have lots of it 😁 that and Knodel mit Pfifferlingen


    • and the whole span of the central European berry season: strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, white and red currants, gooseberries — I assume he’ll be gone before the blue berries, but those, too, if he’s still there in late August …

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  3. A resounding yes to asparagus. I have never had it with a schnitzel; we traditionally eat it with smoked ham and melted butter. Simple and divine. It’s a delicacy that I dearly miss in Ireland (only green asparagus available here). And yes, wishing RA that he gets to try this.


    • I’ve never had it with Schnitzel in a private home — it’s usually been cooked ham. But in restaurants, it’s an option I saw often. These decadent times we live in …


      • 😁 The choices, the choices…
        NB – I think it also depends which traditional asparagus-growing area you are in. In our area you can get asparagus with smoked ham in restaurants, too, but I noticed that they didn’t serve it in Franconia.


  4. Asparagus = yum!!


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