It’s Palm Sunday

Syria and Mogadishu and Tanta and Alexandria (if you’re not familiar with the Coptic Church, this is a bit as if Rome had been bombed).

When I was small, we stood outside the front of the church with palms and processed into the church, singing All Glory, Laud and Honor. (It has an interesting history: words from the 9th century, the custom of singing it on this day from the 16th, and the tune most commonly used from the 17th). Mom loved this hymn. We sang it a little faster than this.

Now I am an adult and tomorrow tonight I celebrate Passover, the holiday of deliverance and liberation from our enemies.

Let peace come soon.

~ by Servetus on April 9, 2017.

8 Responses to “It’s Palm Sunday”

  1. “Let peace come soon”. “Don’t be afraid”, but….so many TEARS and prayers.


    • I think it’s what the powerless do. Other than call their elected representative to object (something else I did that will have no effect).


  2. Schalom, ich wünsche dir ein gesegnetes Pessachfest.
    Meine Familie und ich haben heute (oh, wohl eher gestern) den Palmsonntag gefeiert. Als wir vom Gottesdienst nach Hause fuhren, hörten wir im Radio von den Toten in Ägypten. Ach, wenn doch der Frieden bald käme…


    • I hope you have a blessed Holy Week.

      There’s this song in ultra-orthodox Judaism: we want the Messiah (Moshiach) now. I need a song like that for peace.


  3. Happy Passover. Not much to feel cheery about these days. We can hope for peace, but it’s an extremely fragile hope.


  4. I remember this hymn from when I used to go to church as a child but wouldn’t have known the title.
    When will the hatred and warmongering ever stop?


    • I don’t know. I almost feel silly for continuing to hope. But lately hymn songs are following me through my dreams. This morning when the alarm went off I was dreaming about “This is my father’s world: “and though the wrong seems oft so strong, G-d is the ruler yet.”

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