What Richard Armitage did not do with his weekend

Bradford Winters (showrunner), Leland Orser and Michelle Forbes were in the US yesterday to promote Berlin Station at an event sponsored by Deadline.com (related to Emmy contenders? I’ll believe that when I see it). Some interesting comments on the show, here. In the spirit of fan amity I am pointedly not referring to comments that are point blank ridiculous. Berlin Station‘s IG kept everyone on the edge of their screens yesterday following Orser’s journey, but it looks like Richard Armitage was not there. Maybe this is what he gets for doing all that promotion on his own earlier this year.

~ by Servetus on April 10, 2017.

2 Responses to “What Richard Armitage did not do with his weekend”

  1. Good for the show they are doing promo but only fair to take turns me thinks 🙂 He’ll be glad for one less flight i think and Berlin in the spring must be lovely! Besides i am sure everyone breaks for Easter so maybe he’ll be having hot cross buns with mum and an Easter egg hunt with nephew instead


    • Given the short production schedule this year (starting months later, and they have to be done by the same fall date), I’m surprised they’d take off two weeks and I’d have guessed they’d take off Easter Week b/c the Germans will legally take Easter Monday off, but who knows …

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