Who would sponsor your Richard Armitage social media platform? (1)

A fellow (casual) Armitage fan who writes a craft blog posted a tongue-in-cheek discussion of blog sponsorship a few days ago. She was joking about who (she) might want to sponsor her blog. This used to be the secret and not-so-secret dream of many bloggers: to be able to live off blogging by selling advertisements or via product placements and endorsements. Only a tiny proportion of those who started with that dream have succeeded. Long-time readers may be aware that I decided from the beginning not to “monetize,” and a long-ago April Fool’s joke notwithstanding, I’ve never been seriously tempted, not that my readership numbers would really merit a sponsorship. But the post made me think about who I’d want to be sponsored by and who might want to sponsor me (or not!).

One obvious sponsor is a concern that has been sponsoring me for a long time already — by giving me free Internet and a place to sit during afternoons and evenings in cafés. I’ve had no luck when I’ve entered their annual “a free drink every day for life,” either. So I have been paying for all my drinks. I’m thinking a Starbucks sponsorship could give me perhaps the equivalent of the holiday prize.

I know a lot about their product. In fact, recently, while standing in line, I explained to a fellow customer what their new “cáscara” drinks include, and the store manager looked at me and said, “wow, that was better than I could have done.”

So I’m proposing that Starbucks could sponsor me, in exchange for a change to my header (see above). I’ll also consult on new drinks for their menu. In particular, I think they’ve always been a little weak on their coffee art — time to ramp up their game. I have ideas like this one:

A venti Richard Armitage / John Porter green tea latte. What do you think? Will this outsell the Thorin cappuccino that looks like Jesus?


~ by Servetus on April 10, 2017.

5 Responses to “Who would sponsor your Richard Armitage social media platform? (1)”

  1. Wow… green tea latte? I won’t diss it until i’ve tried it though since i’ve tried to keep an open mind in trying new food stuff lately. I am more adventurous with tea than with coffee though so who knows. My green tea usually comes with either jasmine or lemon or some other combo like fennel and mint and a touch of honey.
    I am always weary of all brands, even the ones i like because one never knows when some icky business practice is found out.
    Hm… thinking about consumption patterns i’d have a few contenders. One beauty brand which i will leave unnamed as if i really had a choice i’d choose to have perfect or much better skin and not use anything on my face 🙂
    Better stick with the food stuff then. I adore Nutella 🙂 I know, not the best thing for you in the world and i am well aware it’s desert not healthy breakfast but still, wholegrain toast or crepes with it, yum! This would be choice nr 3 i think.
    Nr 2 would be dark chocolate, i have several brands i like but there are 2 local ones which i favour and one which i wouldn’t mind sharing, Montezumas. And always happy to try new flavour combos in it, though please of the plant variety, no ants and other such stuff in my chocolate! And there is so much on can do with it, like having Florentine coffee, yum!

    And nr 1 by virtue of sheer quantity and money spent over the years though i rarely indulge myself is shortbread. I’ve tried a few and Waitrose and Duchy do very very good ones. My personal and very sentimental favourite is however the one from the Shortbread House of Edinburgh. I discovered it while living there and have addicted all friends and family to it, and even addicted my favourite tenor to it 🙂 It’s been much harder to come by it since in London but when i called to inquire they kindly guided me through the available spots. This is how i found out they make the ones or Fortnum and Mason in London, albeit the FM own receipe. I have probably singlehandedly boosted their brand name in Europe and beyond LOL.
    Just wish there was an actual shop in London where i could get the full range (as i wish with a lot of Scottish produce i miss). For now i still rely on a few postal shipments a year 🙂 Yes, that’s one endorsement i wouldn’t mind 🙂 Which makes me think i better plan for another shipment..


    • I don’t like mint in tea so I appreciate that green tea latte is mint-free 🙂 My feelings about Starbucks as a brand — let’s just say if you’d told me in the summer of 2010 that I’d have a gold card and drink here several times a week I’d have told you you were out of your mind. Starbucks has a good reputation on the US left, although better than it deserves, if you know any baristas well. However, there are worse options.

      The Armitage blog – chocolate connection is a really good one. Maybe I need to do a post on which KIND of chocolate … hmmm. I’d be on board with shortbread, too.

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  2. LOL! Nice! I was just getting a Chai Tea Latte at Starbucks on my way home from work yesterday and saw the Green Tea Latte on the menu. I like Green Tea but wasn’t brave enough to try… As for coffee, never drink it, don’t like it. I do love the chai tea latte, though.

    Chocolate for a Richard Armitage blog sounds perfect! There’s a brand here in NL that specializes in fair trade chocolate, so it could be ethical too. 🙂 http://www.tonyschocolonely.com/us/

    Maybe there’s a Pinot Noir wine sponsorship to be found somewhere too?

    As I also blog about Colin Firth and his wife is really promoting ethical fashion I could ask for a Chopard sponsorship. They have teamed up with Livia Firth for a ‘Green Carpet Collection’. https://www.chopard.com/uk/high-jewellery/green-carpet-collection?___store=en_uk
    I am fashion-challenged however, and don’t care to write about fashion at all, so I guess I can scratch that one.


    • Yeah, I think you’d need to be blogging about fashion in order to get a fashion sponsorship — although maybe you could convince them on the grounds that you’d be breaking into an entirely new market, lol.

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