Got a surprise last night

A rousing Hallel at the Seder. A bit unusual but where chasidim are great, their gifts are unquestioned. Below Hallel from Shacharit for Pessach at the Touro Synagogue in Rhode Island (the oldest Jewish congregation in the U.S.). Weirdness for the occasion: The Touro congregation is majority Ashkenaz but they follow the Sephardic nussach of the shul’s founders. This is a Sephardic tune.

Anyway, I’m off, having missed most of Shacharit but I should still catch the Torah reading and the mussaf. So yeah — once I was there, I started feeling it. Chag sameach!

~ by Servetus on April 11, 2017.

2 Responses to “Got a surprise last night”

  1. Love that you’re writing about Touro, Newport! Will be back to this later.


    • I’ve never been in this synagogue; just picked this vid b/c it was of the Hallel prayer during Passover. Pretty, though.


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