Dad liked the goats, too, so finally a picture of Thorin #richardarmitage

And now we’re switching to the news, which is good in a way, as I won’t be able to watch Thorin die tonight.

~ by Servetus on April 15, 2017.

4 Responses to “Dad liked the goats, too, so finally a picture of Thorin #richardarmitage”

  1. And watching the news won’t be such a happy pasttime either…


    • yes, in general, although 9 p.m. is the local news, so it’s not quite as distressing. We did have a fugitive on the loose this week, someone who’d threatened the president and the governor, and the police located him yesterday morning so that was the main news.

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  2. Leider werden die Nachrichten keine allzu gute Alternative sein…
    Ich habe auch immer noch große Schwierigkeiten, Thorin sterben zu sehen. Immer wenn er über Azog auf dem Eis geht, stoße ich Warnrufe aus (er hört einfach nicht auf mich).
    Andererseits liebe ich diese Szene, weil sie so echt ist und so großartig und soooo herzzerreißend.


    • I do too!! I want to say, don’t let your guard down! But I also read so much fanfiction in which Thorin survives the battle that I’m a bit disconcerted to watch him die. You’re right that it’s a great scene. And it’s going to be on TV at least three more times this month that I’ve noticed.


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