Richard Armitage returns to the Deutsche Oper

~ by Servetus on April 15, 2017.

7 Responses to “Richard Armitage returns to the Deutsche Oper”

  1. I would say those eyes are “strained” to the right 🙂
    Perhaps Daniel/Richard went to see/listen to Wagner’s Götterdämmerung?


    • I think they were doing the Ring this week 🙂


      • It’s on my to-do list (however heavy it is), but it’s got to be in Bayreuth.


        • I was in Bayreuth once during the Festspiele, but not specifically FOR that, and the people watching was extraordinary. I’m neutral on a performance. I think I’d just as soon lie on my sofa 🙂


        • There is this brilliant film/biography/documentary “Wagner & Me” about Stephen Fry and his passion for Richard Wagner. He is so over the moon when he arrives in Bayreuth for the first time. Very interesting and touching film, although it has it’s controversies for the obvious reasons.


          • Yes, controversial to say the least. I’m not an immense Wagner-fan, but there’s just this whole experience aspect to it, I guess. I stayed the night in Bayreuth on the way to my annual skiing holiday one winter and promised myself a treat at some point. Had a really great meal for dinner there – I forget the name of the restaurant – but it had character.


            • Speaking more generally — it’s one of the things that just draws one back to Germany again and again — every place has character. You discover something something new every time even after being there for years and years.


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