Happy Easter #richardarmitage

This wonderful Easter Armitage courtesy of Richardbirdwitharmsitage.

~ by Servetus on April 16, 2017.

25 Responses to “Happy Easter #richardarmitage”

  1. Blessings Serv. Thinking of you. x


  2. Happy Easter! Wow those are so great! I scrolled down through them … I love the Thornton penguin! So funny!


  3. Happy Easter to you and hope you had a good Passover.


  4. Happy Easter to you, Serv!


  5. lol – great! Happy Easter!


  6. Happy Easter, Servetus!
    Thank you for the link. My fave is the courageous Thorin dove with the sword, simply fantastic…


  7. Happy Easter, Serv! Does one say Happy Passover? Whatever one says hope you have a good day!


    • People used to say “a kosher Passover” but I think Happy Passover is just fine. Jews say “Chag Sameach” or “Gut Yontiff” (Happy Holiday in Hebrew or Yiddish) for any holiday occasion. Hope you had a good day, too.


  8. A kosher passover! I have read your comment (hehe), didn’t know this phrase. I hope you have had a nice day. And I hope our little biddy could filled his basket.


    • The prohibition on eating chametz (leavened things) on the holiday is really strong — in the Bible it says the person shall be cut off from Israel. So non-observant people will kosher their kitchens just for this week, observant people get very meticulous about it, and anyone who has a tendency toward OCD has a week of unbridled opportunity … hence the wish 🙂

      I hope he got lots of chocolate, too. Unless he wanted salad, lol.

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  9. Happy Easter, Servetus! And Happy Śmigus Dyngus (Wet Monday) 🙂


  10. Happy Easter, Servetus


  11. Happy Passover S! And yes it is lovely to feel Easter is united this year otherwise it always gets weird in my family as we end up celebrating twice since we’re half orthodox half Catholic.


  12. These are always worth a chuckle. Thanks for putting the smile into Easter. Hope you had a few nice days!


    • Armitage with a fluffy down coating 🙂 Only a few more hours of Passover. I’m already salivating for the bread … 🙂


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