Canada’s Super Channel picks up Berlin Station

I have no idea what this is — hopefully it’s something all Canadians have access to. News here.

~ by Servetus on April 17, 2017.

14 Responses to “Canada’s Super Channel picks up Berlin Station”

  1. Yes and no. It’s 16.99 extra on MTS Bell although I recommend getting it half off during a promotion or if you get tge right CSR. Those usually go for three or four months then drop the channel as soon as one is able.

    Not sure about Bell or other companies. And I cut the cord nearly a year ago. Unless it shows up on Crave, a Netflix rival in Canada, I have some practical matters to mull over.


    • I forgot to end this with happy dances for Canuck fans. It’s a premium channel and it’s a good home for the show.


      • $16.99 is a lot; otoh I am relieved that it will be accessible legally, presumably at original broadcast.

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        • Yup that’s the bright side. It’s also why I recommend the half off promo. The Movie Chanel, that one has HBO, costs close to 20 extra give or take the Encore Avenue channels. Superchannel looks like a bargain. However I urge Canuck fans to contact their provider and asking about promos.


          • wow, that’s noticeably less than we pay at present, although our pkg includes internet and phone. The TV part of our bundle costs $90.


            • That’s basic cable and add ons? Canadians think you guys have more options due to a bigger population.


              • I think there are four package options and it’s the second cheapest, one step up from basic cable. We don’t have any premium channels (HBO, Starz, etc.). We do have lots of options (e.g., DirectTV) but only this one cable provider (Spectrum, was TWC).

                I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately because the price for the whole bundle is off the map IMO — $153 and doesn’t include cell phone. I really need to move dad to something else (probably DirectTV or Dish network), even if it compromises my ability to see Berlin Station legally. I’m just worried about the troubleshooting issues — no one changes the media habits of a 75 year old lightly. In particular, TWC had pretty efficient customer service.

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  2. Looks like in BC you can get it for $5-$10 per month as an add-on, depending what else you have.
    Looks like Season 1 starts mid-May. Don’t know whether Season 2 would be later than in the US?


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