Richard Armitage gets a compliment from a French site

Discussion of Berlin Station here (not sure what the site is beyond a group of people who like series tv). Armitage is “at once seductive, charismatic and dark.”

~ by Servetus on April 18, 2017.

5 Responses to “Richard Armitage gets a compliment from a French site”

  1. If someone can just send me some smelling salts, that would be great.


    • I liked the word they used for dark: ténébreux. From Latin, tenebrae, darkness, something I associated with dark and spooky churches, gathering darkness.

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  2. 🙂 A quand une sortie en France, pour enfin pouvoir apprécier la série? vostfr TROP DUR pour moi.


  3. Richard Armitage Bulgaria said on 15 april, 08:07 ·
    “Berlin Station should have premiered at Series-Mania Festival in France yesterday, but for some reason the screening was cancelled. Nice pic of Daniel Miller in the article, though.


    • Berlin Station would remain scheduled on FRI APR. 21 – 2.30PM at the UGC CINÉ CITÉ LES HALLES PARIS.


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