I’m excited! #richardarmitage #pilgrimage Trailer is here

Here’s the trailer.

~ by Servetus on April 20, 2017.

37 Responses to “I’m excited! #richardarmitage #pilgrimage Trailer is here”

  1. …and it looks SO promising. I truly look forward to this❤️Could this me a new “The Name of the Rose”?

    • I hardly don’t think so ….. 😬 But: die Hoffnung stirbt zuletzt!

    • Le samedi 20 février 2016 est mort l’écrivain italien Umberto Eco, auteur du Nom de la Rose. Le film de 1986, qu’en a tiré le français Jean-Jacques Annaud est un pur chef-d’œuvre.
      Car ce film est un thriller envoûtant: il parvient à nous captiver du début à la fin avec maestria. L’ambiance qui flotte dans cette abbaye est lugubre et pesante. L’atmosphère du film est étrange, presque cauchemarde.
      C’est un grand film historique du MA. Les enjeux sont très bien dénoncés,
      * le combat de la raison contre l’obscurantisme,
      * la religion Chrétienne soulève des questions philosophiques, à commencer par le rire. Les Bénédictins l’associent au Mal tandis que Baskerville franciscain, suivant Aristote, le considère comme « un instrument de vérité” et encore
      *les notions de pouvoir/connaissance, richesse/misère,.
      C’est un récit initiatique: le duo élève/professeur Christian Slater/Sean Connery est excellent. Le casting y est extra, on n’aura jamais vu des moines aussi bien interprétés et parfois avec de sacrées gueules ( recrutement international dans les asiles psychiatriques, les bas quartiers).
      Sans parler de la musique et de l’image…Rien ne peut égaler ce film…J’EN AI BIEN PEUR.

  2. OMG! Dass ich DAS noch erleben darf 😊

  3. I am very excited too!!! ❤ It seems that there will be a lot of blood on the screen, but it’s such beautiful scenery. Really breathtaking.:-)

  4. I can’t tell. Is he a good guy or a bad guy?

    • I think he’s morally ambiguous? He’s protecting the monks but he doesn’t like them, I think.

      • Gegen einen gewissen Tiefgang hätte ich nichts einzuwenden. Dennoch wage ich kaum zu hoffen, dass ich diesen Film in einem Kino sehen werde.
        Wahrscheinlich ist RA ja auch in dieser Geschichte dem Tode geweiht. Weiß man wie lange er durchhält?
        Sein Name wird recht früh genannt, aber das bedeutet nicht unbedingt, dass wir ihn ausgedehnt bewundern können. Der Film scheint ausgesprochen gewaltlastig und es wird viel gestorben…
        Du siehst, ich versuche meine Hoffnungen klein zu halten.

        • I think it will probably be most accessible on TV / video on demand. I don’t think you’re unrealistic.

  5. I can’t wait for this one!

  6. I’m excited! This looks good- beautiful scenery too! A bit bloody, maybe, but it would suit the story.

  7. Exciting! 😀

  8. I have to say, I am excited. Armitage does medieval knights pretty well. I just hope his role is bigger than it looks at first sight. (And I am not complaining here to dampen the mood. I just can’t get enough.)

  9. I wish he’d said something in that trailer! But man, can he draw a sword nicely! 😉 I have a huge weakness for Armitage as a knight…..

  10. intense!

  11. Excitement is definitely mounting! With second billing, I’m hoping his character lives for longer than I originally thought. Great screen shots. Thanks.

  12. Looks amazing if pretty violent! But I agree; Richard is fantastic in this kind of role! And he’s right – he does look good when he is grimy 😉

  13. Waiting for the French accent! Allons-y!

  14. Really hoping to see this here, great trailer. ❤ This reminds me I must write to our cinemas if they will be showing it.

  15. It looks great! Plus it looks like something my other half might like to see along with me.

  16. Having watched it a number of times it does still remind me a lot of Black Death (minus the plague) which i guess is only fair since we are looking at very similar timelines and a lot of other common elements (e.g. young monk). At least this way i know what kind of mood to expect.
    There are hopes for more complex characters however, more grey and wonder if we will find out more of the back history of some of the monks and knights.
    The only thing that worries me a bit is the complete lack of female characters, but i guess the journey itself explains that. It is a very ‘male’ world which again will raise interesting questions and discussions (hopefully) about what the life of these men is like, what drives them, what matters to them and what makes them the people they are with so little female influence.

    • Is Black Death the one with Sean Bean?

    • lol, you said Black Death and I thought — no, that was 1349. Deformation professionelle …

    • That was my initial reaction as well….. No females in sight!!!! What a male thing! No wonder there are so few women roles in films in general.
      Nonetheless RA really has quite an interesting haircut 😀

      • the story (monks) seem to kind of demand that, though. I won’t know till I see it, of course, but I’m generally not in favor of building anachronistic gender relations into historical plots. And I wasn’t thrilled with the whole “we have to have a woman in these films” that led to Tauriel, either …

  17. According to IMDB, the DVD will be realeased in Sweden on July 27. I will be in Sweden until July 29, does that mean in theory I will have a chance to buy it before I leave?
    Looks great, though!

    • interesting — that is ahead of the general release date in the US. So maybe we’ll have access ahead of time.

  18. I’d want to see this with or without RA. — right up my alley, i.e. Medieval. Right now I’m hooked on the History Channel’s Vikings

    • I haven’t watched that, but my impression is that there are similarities. You should like this one.

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