Richard Armitage’s instagram account disappears?

This is the link I was using.

~ by Servetus on April 21, 2017.

5 Responses to “Richard Armitage’s instagram account disappears?”

  1. and yeah — it will surprise no one that I welcome this move.

  2. I honestly don’t know what to make of this…?

    • In the absence of more information, it’s hard to say.

      • I think he’s probably tired of the whole social media thing and is getting rid of what he possible can and keeping what he may contractually have to – like twitter possibly? I can’t say I will miss him on social media as much as I love the guy. His twitter was fun at first but it honestly seems a chore for him. If he’s not happy or comfortable with it then I would rather he didn’t do it. That is what my thinking on it is. Right or wrong. Very possibly wrong of course.

        • Yeah, I don’t have any idea about why he did it, so I can only speculate. Maybe he even pressed the wrong button, lol. Who knows. I admit I was skeptical when he got FB and instagram — it seemed he’d only do that for contractual reasons.

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