Why I am so often in awe of Richard Armitage

Thinking back to 2015 (about this time of year, actually — April 20, 2015), Armitage tweeted that he had wrapped on Hannibal. The filming had gone over slightly — so just slightly before that time he was playing this:

Richard Armitage as Francis Dolarhyde in Hannibal 3.13.

He flew to Ireland, and was immediately at work, and then he looked like this:

Richard Armitage as Raymond de Merville, with Tom Holland at left and Jon Bernthal at right, in Pilgrimage trailer. Filmed April 2015, revealed April 2017.

It’s like he was a different person, honestly. How does he do that?

Armitage filmed in Ireland about two weeks, then went over with the crew into Belgium, then wrapped on Pilgrimage on May 23.

Then June, July, and August — and then he was playing “Daddy” Tom Cahalan. And by November, he was in gear for Daniel Miller. Not to mention the voice work stuck in there as well …

~ by Servetus on April 21, 2017.

19 Responses to “Why I am so often in awe of Richard Armitage”

  1. amazing, isn’t he? 🙂 as long as he works and we get to see it it tends to always be happy time for ‘our’ relationship 🙂


  2. I think he enjoys working and, like many actors, wants to keep the ball rolling while the parts are offered. It’s all good for fans! But he’s a pro, that’s for sure. He can switch from one project to the next and I am always wondering when he learns his lines.


  3. I wish I had his energy…


  4. It’s a reminder that although 2015 felt like a bust from the fan perspective, that didn’t mean that nothing was going on.


    • did we only see Hannibal in 2016? always feel a bit slow when we wait to see things..


      • No, it was broadcast in late summer 2015 in the US. However, I suspect that at least a third of the fandom didn’t watch it due to content issues.


        • Ah yes, i agree with you on that. For myself 2015 was better than 2016 , aside from LLL of course. But Hannibal turned out to be a so much more interesting viewing experience than BS will ever be i feel..


        • Their loss if they didn’t watch him.


          • I think it’s rational not to want to watch a show where the main topic is cannibalism and a main character is depicted with human blood on his mouth. That show transgressed — on purpose — every canon of normal human taste. It was disgusting. IMO Bryan Fuller was lucky that anyone watched it.


  5. Well, I couldn’t disagree more about that! I was not a huge fan of BSt but I’ve seen all the episodes several times whereas I’ve not gone back to Hannibal at all. I’m going to need to, I’ve realized, but I’m not looking forward to it.


    • I’ve been rewatching it…well, the last episodes with Mr. A. His performance is even more amazing.


      • I agree (as I said at the time, watching and commenting every week) that it is a great performance. Show is still disgusting IMO. I don’t blame anyone who made the decision not to watch it — particularly because some of those people were domestic violence survivors. They probably gained by not watching it.


  6. He’s like a golem: somebody puts words in his mouth and he lives.


  7. This is why he’s such a great actor❤️

    On collateral attractions: if you want to enjoy Hannibal aka Mads Mikkelsen on a bike, check out the latest Carlsberg commercial. It’s really great…probably (very Danish🤣). Note: I have no stakes in any beer brand. It’s just MM on a bike🚴🏻(He forgot the helmet).


  8. He’s a chameleon!


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