Proof that Richard Armitage loves Earth Day, or: he’s so grounded

I was reminded this week that Richard Armitage must really love Earth Day. Think about his roles. Very few actors have such an intimate relationship with earth as does our Armitage.

It started early, during his stage career. Although it’s not entirely clear: did Richard Armitage love earth first, or did earth love Richard Armitage?

Richard Armitage as Angus in Macbeth (2001). Source: Richard Armitage Central Gallery.

In any case, at that point, earth smeared itself all over his sweaty cheek.

As his television career took off, earth seems to have moved into the background, at least at first.

Carol (Sarah Smart) and John Standring (Richard Armitage) in episode 1 of Sparkhouse. Source:

I mean, look at all that earth. But it’s not trying to steal the scene. It’s playing its role, quietly, moistly, in the background.

And here, Armitage is lying directly ON the earth. And he’s pretty clearly in ecstasy.

Richard Armitage as Ian Macalwain in Ultimate Force. Source:

Look at that open mouth. But as close as he is to earth here, he seems detached. No public displays of affection yet.

It wouldn’t be until 2006 that Richard Armitage came out of the closet with regard to his relationship with earth. In a stressful episode of Robin Hood (1.9), Armitage seemed no longer available to hide, or even control, his affections, for the earth around him.

Richard Armitage as Guy of Gisborne in Robin Hood 1.9. Source:

The open face-plant seemed on the one hand to settle things — how could anyone think this man did not love earth? Still, nagging voices claimed it was a stunt-man, and Richard Armitage was not really all that attracted to earth. And others claimed that again, Armitage had been set upon by earth, against his own will, unable to defend himself, and so he really didn’t love earth all that much.

That claim seemed controverted by the immediately subsequent shot, however.

Same as above. Source:

Here we can see, though, that Armitage looks really happy to be so intimate with earth. Not only is it caressing his cheek, as in previous years, he has it dabbed artistically into his eyebrow and it’s perching affectionately on the shoulder of his jacket. He’s literally cuddling up to earth.

Armitage’s role as Guy of Gisborne seems to have inaugurated a more openly displayed relationship with earth, one that reflects true mutual respect and understanding and indeed, love.

In Spooks, for instance, Richard Armitage appears to have decided to do a supine interpretive dance involving earth, with earth surrounding him and taking his breath away.

Richard Armitage as Lucas North in Spooks 8.8. Source:

Look how much Armitage is enjoying his encounter with flying, dancing earth above. So much so that he decided to wear its token on his face again.

Same as above. Source:

Yup, that’s one huge, sloppy kiss from earth right there on his forehead — left visible for all the world to see.

Since that time, Richard Armitage and earth have seemed almost inseparable. For instance, at times he’s allowed earth to lie on his face in a way that incorporates it subtly into his stubble and makes eyes pop.

Richard Armitage as John Porter and Andrew Lincoln as Collinson in Strike Back 1.6. Source:

He was willing, nay eager, to take earth into battle with him. He mixes it into beard and blood like a talisman.

Richard Armitage as Thorin Oakenshield in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. Source:

In 2014, he smeared it — or rather, got a makeup artist to smear it — all over his upper body.

Richard Armitage as John Proctor in The Crucible, photo taken but not used for the play publicity by Jay Brooks.

Yes, Proctor was an EARTHY character, indeed. They made posters of him with his skin covered with earth. Talk about earth allegiance!

Since then Armitage has been a little more laid-back about his earth affections, but the most recent publicity photo suggests that earth is never far from his thoughts face.

Richard Armitage as Raymond de Merville in Pilgrimage.

Somehow, the ongoing presence of earth in Richard Armitage’s roles suggests that earth seems to GROUND him as an actor.

OK, enough. I hope that everyone had a wonderful Earth Day. We only have one planet!

[for more Earth Day antics, please check out my favorite Richard Armitage Earth Day post of all time.]

~ by Servetus on April 22, 2017.

36 Responses to “Proof that Richard Armitage loves Earth Day, or: he’s so grounded”

  1. “March for Science” and “Earth Day” on April 22, is there a coincidence, are they the same commemorations?


  2. Germinal, le célèbre roman d’Emile Zola: pourquoi son prochain rôle ne serzit pas celui de ” Gueule noire” = travailleur des mines de charbon …?


  3. You are perfectly right! What an earthy man!! You found all the relevant soil that is available in Richies oevre!!! Down-to-Earth is his motto! 😊 Though, Francis was more the clean type, right?
    Yeah, one can constantly be worried about our planet!!!!!


    • Mr. Thornton always seemed to be quite well washed, too. 🙂


      • Mmmh… I can’t remember well… but his nails… Nah. Probably at the time he and Earth were only friends.
        Thank you dear Serverus for this nice post!


        • Right, right. In that last factory scene you can see he’s had his hand in a machine. Probably he was hiding the relationship.


  4. Forgot to say: Love this. Serv!!!!!!! 🤣


  5. Great analysis! You’ve really got the dirt in him! Lol.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. “on him” of course .


  7. Love you getting down and dirty with Mr. A on Earth Day. I am tempted to plant a kiss rather than a tree.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. In der Tat, der Mann ist wahrhaftig geerdet 😊


  9. In the absence of an Earth post by the man himself, I am really glad you have gathered all the evidence to prove his allegiance to Earth. Rock solid, gneiss work! No schist!


  10. rofl I am so loving this ❤


  11. 😀 Thanks, made my day!


  12. Maybe then it’s HIS fault that the earth went crazy over the last years!!!
    I mean all the attention and the cuddling… wonder one might go bananas 😉


  13. LOL! You make a strong argument. 🙂


  14. Thanks! Do you know if the back injury that continues to afflict him happen in that Spooks explosion? I think he was shooting Spooks in London when he went for his audition?


    • That’s been the predominating theory, but he also injured himself during Robin Hood badly enough that he had to have physical therapy. (shoulder, I think.)


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