Want to follow the Pilgrimage premiere? #richardarmitage

Richard Armitage as Raymond de Merville in Pilgrimage.

Normally, I’d be here following with you, but I have plans to see The Crucible in Chicago on Sunday morning. It’s a 3.5 hour drive. So, by the time I see the film, have lunch with a friend, and drive back, the premiere will be on the back end of in full swing if not over. And I might be too tired to blog anyway by that point.

The film is scheduled to start at 7 p.m. in NYC on Sunday evening — 6 p.m. in the Midwest, 4 p.m. on the U.S. West Coast. This corresponds to midnight in London or 1 a.m. on Monday in Berlin. Arrivals will probably start somewhat ahead of that and the wise fan will probably be in line at least a half hour ahead, possibly more.

If you want to follow it on Twitter, below are some suggestions. Note that when I follow an event I try to be really flexible about looking for stuff, so I may begin with a feed that turns out to be not that useful, but a lead or a search term will take me elsewhere during the event.

This is my (probably incomplete) list of Twitter accounts for actors and professionals involved with the production and some of their fan groups. I don’t know how many plan to attend; it looks like Jamie Hannigan does, though. Most of them have done some retweeting of publicity for the film. I don’t think anyone’s expecting Richard Armitage, who is thought to be still in Berlin, to attend. Although Michelle Forbes got on a plane from a German airport this week, so who knows.

Here are news feeds for the major actors — these are “latest” feeds for anyone who uses their name in a tweet or tweets at them: Tom Holland, and Stanley Weber, and John Bernthal. Here, as always, is the “latest” feed for Richard Armitage. Some or many of these many not be relevant to the premiere.

Here is the #pilgrimage live feed — this shows all the entries that appear when someone includes the word “Pilgrimage” in a tweet, so some or many will not be relevant to the film.

Here is an incomplete list of fans I think might be attending. And another one.

In case there are photos: here is the Getty official photos feed for Tribeca, sorted by newest photos. Experience suggests that if there are photos, these won’t appear until at least a half hour after they are taken, and possibly longer. Here is that same link for AP. And here, for Wireimage.

So that’s where I would have started looking; in the event, this can be useful or not as the evening develops. For everyone who’s looking for information, I wish you a great deal of luck! I will probably be back on Monday.

~ by Servetus on April 23, 2017.

8 Responses to “Want to follow the Pilgrimage premiere? #richardarmitage”

  1. Enjoy your trip. TC is great on the big screen!


  2. Safe travels and have a great time, Serv! Thanks a lot for the Pilgrimage related links.


  3. Thank you! That was very kind of you. Safe travels and enjoy The Crucible.


  4. Oh, a screening of TC. Two and a half years down the road from its live run in London, it would probably be really exciting to see the play again. Wishing you lots of fun with that, and with your fan meet.
    Also, thanks for this clever list of hints and tricks. This will be useful again when another live event comes up another time.


  5. Enjoy The Crucible.


  6. John Proctor is calling……


  7. Enjoy the Crucible, seems like a great time to see it again on the big screen, always good to revisit 🙂 And thanks for all the tips and links, will make the best end of Monday tomorrow night xx


  8. Thanks for all the kind wishes — it was a nice day out and “away”.


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