Thorin Oakenshield as Richard Armitage advertising label?

Last night I was laughing about this description:

Richard Armitage has been cast as a knight who needs to help the monks in their journey. The film will feature the first time that Spider-Man, The Punisher, and Thorin Oakenshield have to work together in a “Lord of the Rings”-type journey.

Like — that’s how we get people to go to other stuff these days, by referring to their superhero roles. And that’s actually true; that’s part of what casting people are thinking about. But you know? Richard Armitage has frequently remarked that people don’t recognize him because Thorin had all those prosthetics. I’m wonder if this is a marketing error, and if his projects just need to be subtitled differently.

Like Strike Back: Thorin Oakenshield in Afghanistan!

Into the Storm: Thorin Oakenshield vs. the tornado!

What do you think? Does this idea have legs?

~ by Servetus on April 29, 2017.

20 Responses to “Thorin Oakenshield as Richard Armitage advertising label?”

  1. Hannibal – Thorin Oakenshield eats the other dwarfs?

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  2. LoL! I was also thinking Hannibal: Thorin Oakenshield ‘s Dragon Sickness 2.0 😉

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  3. Urban and the Shed Crew: Thorin Oakenshield cares

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  4. The idea has legs … to pull. 😀

    How about:

    Thorin Oakenshield abandons his treasure to read The Hobbit to poor kids!

    Brain On Fire
    After BOFTA – BOF threatens Thorin Oakenshield’s daughter!


    • Great pun. And that’s actually a good description of BOF. Ain’t nothin’ getting between Thorin and his daughter, and definitely not some puny virus.


  5. Definitely!! Especially for those who only know him as Thorin.


  6. Thorin’s biggest battle – Fighting the horrors of sleep disorders in … Sleepwalker. Coming to a theater near you , hopefully.

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  7. Thorin Oakenshield undercover – finding arkenstone in Berlin?


    • OMG, yes. Again, plot modifications could be good. Set it WWII and have the Arkenstone be made of Bernstein 🙂


  8. LOL!

    North and South: Thorin Oakenshield – oh master, my master!


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