Double collateral attraction: Charles III to air on BBC and Masterpiece this month

There’s an interesting article about it in The Guardian. I knew the play was controversial but I didn’t realize that some artists had put themselves out of the running for fear of jeopardizing their honours. The play, by Mike Bartlett (of Love, Love, Love), a piece of “future history” that presents a speculative narrative about events after the funeral of Elizabeth II and the succession to the throne of the current Prince of Wales, is a satirical reflection on the state of the British constitution and a persiflage of Shakespeare written in iambic pentameter. I enjoyed reading it and am looking forward to seeing it on television.

Tim Pigott-Smith (Mr. Hale from North & South) played the lead in the play both in London’s West End and on Broadway and was nominated for Olivier and Tony Awards for his performance. Before his death, he completed filming a reprise of this role in an adaptation made as a BBC / Masterpiece co-production. It is complete and will air on May 10 in the UK on BBC2 and on May 14 in the US on PBS / Masterpiece.

~ by Servetus on May 2, 2017.

5 Responses to “Double collateral attraction: Charles III to air on BBC and Masterpiece this month”

  1. I’ve got this on my calendar for BBC2, now that I have a new streaming TV service that gives me 500 channels, plus Roku. For those who have Roku and don’t live in the UK, there is a free channel FOTV that has international channels. The first selection is UK, and it has just about every UK channel, including BBC 2, which you can watch live. I’ve got my calendar cleared for 3 P.M. May 10, which is when it’s on in my time zone. It also says it will be available for purchase from iTunes and on Amazon Video ( US only) in June.

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    • I’ll probably watch it on Masterpiece. Depends a little on the other stuff going on around here on Sunday nights.


  2. […] be shown in BBC 2 and PBS, here . FYI, for those  of you outside the UK or US with a ROKU box, or maybe some other device to […]


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